20 Songs You Need on Your Working from Home Playlist According to the instantprint Team

20 Songs You Need on Your Working from Home Playlist According to the instantprint Team

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31 Mar 2020

We asked our team what their best #WFH anthems are - and compiled them into one powerhouse playlist! We wanted to know what they’re listening to right now and what songs always put a smile on their face, help them concentrate or motivate them to keep working hard.

Here’s a list of all the songs we picked in the office, but if you’d like to your own suggestions added, be sure to get in touch with us on Twitter @instantprintuk. There’s a real mix of songs on here, new and old, popular to a little more niche, but that suits our team to a T! From our team, to yours, we hope you enjoy this working from home Spotify playlist.



1.    ‘All of the Lights’ by Kanye West

The first tune on our list was put forward by Craig. Winning a Grammy Award for best rap song in 2010, All of the Lights features vocals from other recording artists such as John Legend, Alicia Keys, Drake, Rihanna and Elton John, making it an excellent choice for starting off our playlist. 


2.    ‘Mr Blue Sky’ by Electric Light Orchestra

We dare you not to smile when ELO’s Mr Blue Sky comes on the radio. Submitted by Adam B, this song from 1978 is truly a timeless classic, often described as the British rock band’s signature song.


3.    ‘Vertigo’ by Khalid

Khalid’s particular flavour of R&B is soft and smooth – and perfect for chilling you out when there’s a lot on your plate. Vertigo is certainly true to that sound, and it’s hard for Khalid’s raspy voice not to be soothing. Thanks for the awesome choice, Cameron!


4.    ‘Just a Day’ by Feeder

Hayley’s song choice takes us back to 2001 and in a rockier direction with Feeder’s Just a Day. The highly memorable music video takes us across the UK into Feeder’s fans’ bedrooms, with angsty teens jumping up and down singing the song – something you’re sure to be doing by the end of it!


5.    ‘It’s a Beautiful Day’ by Michael Bublé

This song was of course chosen by our very own professional Bublé tribute act, Will! A song that never fails to put a smile on your face or a spring in your step, this is an excellent choice for an inspiring working from home playlist.


6.    ‘Rock the Boat’ by Hues Corporation

Initially a ‘flop’ for the band, Rock the Boat took the 1970s New York disco scene by storm, becoming a gold record. Laura chose this song because “you can’t listen to it and not want to dance”. So get your disco shoes on for a boogie when this number comes on!


7.    ‘November Rain’ by Guns ‘n’ Roses

Time to put your dancing shoes away and take out your air guitar for Adam L’s song choice, featuring one of my favourite guitar solos ever (yes, I’m talking about the Slash-in-the-desert-churchyard one!). At nearly nine minutes long, there’s plenty of work you can get done while this song’s on.


8.    ‘Jump’ by Girls Aloud

Another huge ‘jump’ in the music spectrum (get it?), Emily brings us back to pop with this Girls Aloud hit. When asked why this is the perfect working from home song, Emily said, “because it makes me think of Hugh Jackman in Love Actually and I image lots of people are being silly and dancing around their houses to get rid of excess energy!”


9.    ‘Fiesta’ by The Pogues

Need a song to wake you up and get you dancing? In this bonkers song, the Irish do Spain – which is as entertaining as it sounds. Thank you, Becky, for taking is straight to the streets of Almería (kind of)! Anyone for an after-work tequila?


10.    ‘Let’s Stay Together’ by Al Green

Slowing the pace right down again, Natasha’s got us feeling all soppy and romantic with a classic Al Green song. This song was ranked as the 60th greatest song ever written by Rolling Stone – and we’re proud to have it on our list too!


11.    ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ by Oasis

Leanne’s song choice offers us a slice of 90s disenchantment in the form this Britpop anthem. Whether you’re making it happen or working for the weekend, there’s no denying that this song defined a generation and earned its spot on our playlist.


12.    ‘Demons’ by Imagine Dragon

There’s no song quite as inspirational as Demons by Imagine Dragons. Paul’s song for the playlist is all about battling your insecurities and looking inwardly for self-improvement. If that’s not perfect for a remote working playlist, we don’t know what is!


13.    ‘I Got Sick’ by Don Broco

Chloe apparently takes her days working from home during an outbreak very literally, and with a sense of humour! But that doesn’t stop this catchy rock song from making a welcome appearance on our list.


14.    ‘Knifeman’ by the Bronx

Turning our rock theme up a notch, Mark’s choice was originally ‘The Bronx – any of their songs’, so to avoid a Californian-punk-rock-heavy playlist I picked my favourite (sorry Mark!). A bit like drinking a strong cup of coffee, this song is perfect for giving you a jolt of mid-morning energy.


15.    ‘Wake Up Boo!’ by the Boo Radleys

Wake up, it’s a beautiful morning – says Luke with his submission to the list! Wake Up Boo is a super upbeat tune that might even remind you of your commute to work if you listened to Chris Evans’ BBC Radio 1 breakfast show in the mid-90s.


16.    ‘Notion’ by Tash Sultana

A flowing, sweeping song from Australian soloist Tash Sultana features lilting guitars and emotional, breathy vocals. A fantastic choice from Harry that helps bring a wash of calm back to our playlist.


17.    ‘The Size of a Cow’ by The Wonder Years

Joe submitted this song, telling me ‘This song just came on and put a smile on my face!’. If you’re the kind of person who builds up your problems (to the size of a cow) this could be a great song to help you let go and give it your all.


18.    ‘I Believe’ by Yolanda Adams

This inspiring song choice comes from Amy. I Believe is all about not giving up, no matter what ‘they’ say – and most importantly, it’s about believing in yourself. A great tune for powering you through your work!


19.    ‘Dancing in the Dark’ by Bruce Springsteen

When asked what song he’d add to a work from home playlist, Jonathan had no hesitation – it had to be Dancing in the Dark! This song is all about the struggle to find the spark to start the fire, which many of us can relate to as we try and find inspiration for our work.


20.    ‘The Chain’ by Fleetwood Mac

At the end of the playlist, I took a listen and decided that the one thing that was missing was Fleetwood Mac. And The Chain is my absolute favourite song of all time, as it represents the resilience and strength of the band, who kept playing together and making music despite personal and professional difficulties.



So, there it is. A playlist so random you don’t even need to put it on shuffle. Want to add to the instantprint Work from Home Playlist? Let us know what song you’d like to add by tagging us on Twitter @instantprintuk and we’ll add it to our list on Spotify!


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