Why We’re Diversifying Our Supply Chain & What That Means for Your Business

Why We’re Diversifying Our Supply Chain & What That Means for Your Business

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13 May 2022

Like many industries, the print industry is facing a continued increase in costs that's putting pressure on the whole supply chain. From rising costs in fuel to many paper mills shutting down due to increased energy costs and a plunge in demand during the pandemic, printers are feeling a lot of uncertainty as a result. 

But there are things we’ve put in place to maintain a steady supply and keep prices as low as possible despite these difficult circumstances.


Maintaining a resilient supply

To ensure a resilient paper supply, we’ve diversified our supply chain and are now working with a number of providers. This will ensure that we’ve always got the paper you need on hand to print as and when you need it.

We already have excellent relationships with our existing suppliers, and diversifying our supply range will only make our stock supply even more dependable.

The first stock we’ll be making this change to is our 130gsm gloss, followed by 150gsm silk.


The same quality and sustainability you’d expect

As the largest UK-based online printer, there are certain things our clients expect from us:

  1. To offer a high-quality printing service they can rely on
  2. A quick turnaround on their requirements
  3. To source all of our materials responsibly

By diversifying our supply chain and using multiple suppliers, this enables us to meet these expectations. However, we require all of our suppliers to meet our standards to ensure the best quality print for our clients.

As a minimum, all of the suppliers we use must be FSC certified. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) is an international organisation dedicated to improving the responsible management of the world's forests. This not only covers the stocks themselves, but it also ensures that nearby local communities are respected, the habitats of endangered plants and animal species are protected, and that all workers are properly paid.

Using multiple suppliers also means we’ll be less likely to be impacted by supply issues as we’re not reliant on one supplier. This means we’ll always be able to provide a steady, reliable service with the paper type you need readily available.


What’s different?

Whilst the grammage (or weight), of these stocks will stay the same, the shade of white could differ slightly depending on which supplier the paper has come from. 

We’ll never change the brand of paper mid-run, meaning all jobs will be printed on the same brand of paper throughout, giving a consistent finish. However, you may be able to tell a slight difference when ordering the same product on different days.

Key benefits to diversifying our stock supply chain

In summary, there are a number of benefits to using multiple providers for our printing stocks, including:

  • Prices are kept as low as possible
  • There’s a steady, resilient supply of the paper types you need
  • Quality is maintained
  • We’re still as sustainable as ever
  • We’re able to provide a printing service you can rely on!

If you have any questions at all about this change to our paper stock supplier, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert client service advisors and we’ll be more than happy to help.


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