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What to Include on Your Company Christmas Card

What to Include on Your Company Christmas Card

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30 Oct 2018

From designing something that’s Christmas-y (but also on-brand) to crafting the perfect message, there’s a lot to consider when sending a corporate Christmas card. However you decide to do it, one thing’s for certain: you’ll definitely see the benefit for your business. Here’s why… 

Sending clients and customers a Christmas card from your business does lots of different things:
•    It shows customers just how much you appreciate them.
•    It reminds customers of their relationship with your business.
•    It stimulates business in the quieter months.
•    It helps you stand out in the current digital climate.
When you consider that 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales, nurturing customers and building on your relationship with existing companies is essential. And with more and more businesses sending their season’s greetings electronically, corporate Christmas cards are a great way of standing out in your customers’ minds.~

Festive Colours

Take another look at your brand guideline. What colours would work well for a Christmas card design? If none of them are particularly Christmas-y, just choose a couple and work them into the design. Using them for the baubles on a tree or for the text on the front of the card are great ways of injecting a little bit of ‘you’ into the design.


Seasonal Images

If you send direct mailers often, using Christmas imagery on your cards is a great to differentiate them from other kinds of print marketing. The best bit about using seasonal imagery in your design? You can get as creative as you like; have some fun with it! 
 This style would look great on our Kraft stock

Whether your branding suits realistic wintery scenes and starry nights, or a more illustrated style with Christmas trees and baubles – or even something completely off the cuff like flamingos and cactuses – there’s no limit to the style of seasonal images. 

(Source: House Beautiful Magazine) 


If designing isn’t really your thing, we’ve got loads of free Christmas card templates you can customise online, or pick a blank one to design from scratch (no Photoshop skills necessary).
A Small Logo

Is your logo a no-go? Not necessarily… 

It’s smart to incorporate a small, subtle logo to remind customers and clients of your business over the holidays. There are loads of unique ways you could do this; add it onto a bauble on a tree, or a shop window in a snowy scene – you could even write it out in the snow!

For another tasteful way of displaying your logo, why not consider under your signature inside the card, or even next to your contact details/URL on the back of the card?
A Personal Note

Now you’ve got a design at the ready, only one question remains: what should you write inside the greetings card? When creating your message, the most important thing is to consider your audience – what’s going to resonate with them? 

Here are a few examples of phrases you could include in your message:

•    Warm winter greetings and best wishes for the coming year.
•    Wishing you a joy, happiness and continued success over this joyful season.
•    We’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your loyalty and goodwill throughout the year.
•    Best wishes for a merry Christmas and a fantastic new year.
•    Let’s celebrate a year of partnership.
•    Here’s to another great year – we look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Although messages tend to be a little more formal in corporate Christmas cards, it’s important to consider your own brand voice. If your usual tone of voice is a more chatty or informal, try reflecting this in your Christmas message too!


 We also like the personalised effect of featuring employees in the design of this DL size Christmas card
(Source: Bob Stokes)

To handwrite or not to handwrite?

With marketers seeing an average increase of 20% when using personalised content, handwritten messages are a great way to create this personal experience for your customers or clients. 


(Source: imgur)

A Quick Call to Action

As selfless and authentic as sending Christmas cards should be, there’s no overlooking the fact that they are part of your marketing plan – and there’s a business purpose behind them. Including a quick call to action on the back of your card is a great way to fulfil this purpose and make a lasting impression without taking away from the message of appreciation and best wishes over the season.

Here are a few call to action ideas for your own corporate Christmas cards:

•    Include a discount code as a present on the inside pages or on the back of the card.
•    Introduce a social media competition and invite customers to take part.
•    Refer clients to a landing page with a special Christmas message or animation.

We hope these tips give you a solid foundation for creating your own cracker of a company Christmas card. And now you’ve got everything you need to know, why not give designing your own a go with our free online tool?
Extra Business Christmas Card Tips and Advice:

•    Send them out on time – you should be looking to send your cards at least 3 weeks before Christmas to make sure they reach your customers or clients in time. 
•    Choose a thicker stock – the thicker the stock, the higher quality your cards will feel. Or go extra special with a pearlescent ice gold stock.
•    Make packages festive – why not include a signed greetings card in every order? A6 cards are the perfect size to pop in your packaging.
•    Personalise corporate gifts – a handwritten greetings card is a great addition to any hamper or other corporate gift, perfect for sending personal message to top clients!

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