6 Ways to Use Clear Roller Banners to Keep Your Business Safe

6 Ways to Use Clear Roller Banners to Keep Your Business Safe

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17 Sep 2020

Easy to wipe, transport and requiring zero artwork, there’s no wonder the low effort sister of the printed roller banner is proving itself as a popular tool for running businesses safely during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Not only is it a cheap and safe way to partition areas without blocking the light or making an area feel closed off, but the PVC material prevents the spread of infection as airborne droplets which carry harmful bacteria cannot pass through.

If you’re looking at investing in some clear roller banners for your company, here are some of the ways they’re being used right now in order to keep customers and staff as safe as possible.

  1. Hairdressers & Beauty Salons

    Probably one of the most common uses for clear roller banners has been to create a barrier between chairs at hair and beauty salons. Popping up in salons and barbershops all over the UK, these banners create a physical barrier between customers but don’t discourage the usual friendly chatter you’d expect as part of the experience of getting your hair done since they’re completely see-through. 

  2. Waiting Areas

    GP and dental practices are figuring out ways to help keep the most vulnerable safe whilst waiting for vital appointments with medical professions, one of which being clear pull up banners. Many of these kinds of waiting rooms are set up the same with rows of chairs – so it’s easy to separate them with a roller banner. 

    Clear roller banners can help ease anxiety and claustrophobia in situations like this because they still allow the patient to look around the room at the stimulus on walls and screens, which can also help them pass the time more quickly and enjoyably.

  3. Restaurants & Bars

    Restaurants and bars re-opened in England on 4th July 2020, and have recently seen tables fully booked mid-week thanks to the Government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme which ran throughout August. 

    To ensure restaurants and bars can be opened profitably while maintaining safety standards, many have introduced the use of clear roller banners between tables where it is not possible to keep customers 1 metre plus away from one another. This has proven popular amongst our small family-owned eateries and café customers. Clear PVC is certainly the best way forward for restaurants as they don’t affect the lighting and ambience as much as a non-transparent barrier, keeping the dining area light and airy so as not to disrupt customers’ experience whilst keeping them safe.

  4. Indoor Gyms

    Another infamously tightly packed space, gyms across the country opened up their doors again in August and September with many heightened hygiene and social distancing procedures in place including setting machinery further apart, limiting numbers and thoroughly cleaning down equipment.

    For added protection where space is limited, try adding banners between each machine/workout zone to help catch any airborne contaminants. Ideal for when wearing a mask is not possible inside a gym – and completely safe to disinfect after each use!


  5. Schools

    As schools re-open, setting up a classroom that’s friendly, inviting, educational as well as safe is essential for the students attending the school and their families as well as teaching and support staff. Many classrooms, especially in foundation stage and key stage 1, have conjoined classrooms with a wet, art or play area in each one. 

    To keep children in their bubbles, it may be necessary to block off that section so the pupils don’t mingle in the middle. Clear roller banners create a partition without completely blocking out the class next door, so children will still be aware of their friends on the other side, but the temptation to cross over will be gone.

    It’s also a good idea to set up the canteen or dining room with clear roller banner partitions between bubbles or groups if this helps with social distancing at lunchtime.


  6. Religious Establishments

    If possible, you can create barriers between families of worshippers at your religious establishment using clear roller banners. This will help keep your community safe by limiting contact between members from different households. One benefit of clear roller banners is being able to move them around and set them up wherever necessary in very little time, meaning this can be easily completed before the service begins.


Got any more ideas for using clear roller banners in your business to keep the team and your customers safe? We’d love to hear about it! Share your pictures with us on Twitter and Instagram by tagging us @instantprintuk or join our Business Club over on Facebook to share your print ideas with other business owners just like you.


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