Ultimate Summer Marketing Guide

Ultimate Summer Marketing Guide

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12 Jun 2019

Heat up your seasonal campaigns with our top tips for summer marketing. We’ve listed our favourite marketing and design trends, which events you should be targeting and how to make the most of the weather. Here’s everything you need to know about promoting your business this summer.


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Go Outdoors

With the weather heating up, we’re anticipating another scorcher for summer 2022. This means outdoor events will be in full swing. We’re talking fairs, festivals, local galas – not to mention all the outdoor activities people are bound to get up to!

Make the most of all this traffic with outdoor signage and banners. Use these to promote any sales or events you’re running, or just to signpost your business to all those passing by. 


School’s Out!

The annual school holidays mean there are plenty of families looking for something to do. Why not host an event targeted at this huge market? This could be a kids-eat-free deal at your restaurant, or a discount if you run a local attraction or museum. Send out flyers in your local area to advertise your summer bash.

And remember – what goes around, comes around. Before you know it, it’s time to head back to school. Up your back-to-school marketing game by promoting school essentials. You could even host a social media competition based on bad school photos – that’s something we can all relate to!


Don’t Forget the Adults…

Summer also brings a hefty handful of bank holidays. If you’re a pub or restaurant with a beer garden or outdoor seating area, make sure you’re fully stocked up on menus. Add a summer twist to your drinks menu, or show off seasonal specials using a table talker.

This is also another fantastic opportunity for summer-themed events. We’re loving gin right now in the UK – sales are hitting an all-time high and have broken £2bn. Why not use this to your advantage and run a gin tasting session or cocktail making class?


Follow the Weather

Something else us Brits love – talking about the weather! Using topical marketing like the weather or something that’s causing a commotion in the news is a great way of boosting engagement. 

If it’s warm, host a ‘red hot summer sale’. If the weather’s cool or rainy, make sure your retail store is well stocked in raincoats. The key to successful, engaging summer marketing (and marketing in general, really) is to keep an ear out for what your customers are talking about and make sure you’re talking about it too!


Summer Product Focus

Look at your product range and service and think: what can I offer that people will want during the summer? Then promote it all in a short sales brochure or catalogue, or put up posters in store directing people to your summer range.

If you’re a corner shop, you could stock garden party items like bunting and plastic cups. If you’re a DIY shop, make sure you’ve got plenty of outdoor supplies in. Garden furniture, barbeque sets, sun cream. Whatever kinds of products suit your business.


Summer 2022 Design Trends

Moody and Muted

Soft, vintage tones are making a huge comeback, especially in photography-based designs. This style is reminiscent of low-fi 1970s photography, giving a classic look to modern images. 

Rise of the Duo-Tone Gradient

We predicted this as a huge trend for the year, and it’s one that just keeps growing. Sometimes called colour transitions, gradients are a huge trend – especially for logos. We also love them for adding interest and depth to backgrounds on posters and business cards.

Trendy Fonts

With wedding season comes sans-serif and custom handwritten fonts. As much as we love this style, we’re also very excited to see a rise in ‘plump’ serif fonts. These heavier, or ‘fat’, fonts are great for business communications like marketing postcards – perfect for summer!



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