Shauna: Employee Spotlight

Shauna: Employee Spotlight

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11 Jul 2022

At instantprint, one of our key goals is to make it as easy as possible for our business clients to order the print they need online. That's where our eCommerce Graphic Designer Shauna comes in.

Designing with user experience in mind, Shauna creates all of our banners, images and landing pages for the website ensuring our products and services are represented accurately to help give you everything you need to find the right print for your business. We caught up with Shauna to learn more about her role… 

How long have you worked at instantprint and how has your role progressed/what have you learnt?

I have been at instantprint for a little over 7 months and in my time here, I’ve learnt so many new skills! My biggest lesson has definitely been how to design with the user in mind. Whilst developing my UX design skills, I’ve had to make design decisions based on customer/sales information using tools and techniques like Google Analytics, Power BI and A/B testing, which was something I didn’t have experience in before I started here. 

instantprint really empower you to grow your skillset through training and mentoring, which means I’ve been able to really hone in on these skills.

What does your average day look like?

My to-do list changes every day – no two days are the same. One day I could be designing and building new pages for the site, while the next day I could be working on refreshing our homepage or updating our product images.

However the day goes, I always start off with a cup of tea!

How does your role fit into the client’s journey?

As the eCommerce graphic designer, my role is pivotal in our clients’ experience with us. From the moment they land on our website, we want them to be engaged by the products on offer. This is where my role comes in. I design all of our assets, be it a homepage banner or product images. As part of this, it’s my job to ensure the imagery onsite captures the quality of our print and inspires businesses from all different industries to try something new.

As well as product imagery, I also design and build new pages to help create a smooth journey for our clients, such as landing pages for different industries, deals and more. At instantprint, we always say that we’re the only online printer that gets businesses – which is why we make it as easy as possible to order print online!

What makes you proud about working at instantprint?

One of our core values is ‘everyone contributes and values others.’ Our team ethic is second to none, and I’ve never worked somewhere where everyone in sync and working towards the same goal.  There is always someone you can speak to or help you out if need be. 

Tell us your favourite memory of working at instantprint!

During my very first week at instantprint, we had a rather royal visit from Prince Edward, so that’s got to be up there! But I’ve also been in the winning team twice for our team socials – once in an escape room challenge and at crazy golf.

What’s your favourite print product and why?

Anything with foil! We print seven different colours of foil on some of our most popular products. From business cards and flyers to booklets and folders, foil can completely change the look and feel of printed material, and as a designer, it’s something I love to see.

What’s your favourite project that you’ve worked on so far?

We recently acquired a luxury book publishing company called Kingsbury Press, meaning we’ve been able to hugely expand our book range to include lots of unique binding options and even hardback and softback covers.

Being part of this special launch has been my favourite project so far – it was a real team effort to get the new products across the line and seeing the results of all our hard work made it more than worth it.

Tell us about your downtime hobbies or a random fact about yourself

As a music lover, I love going to gigs and festivals. You’ll also find me spending time with friends and family – usually on walks which end in the pub and a pint. 


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