Print for Every Business

Print for Every Business

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01 Nov 2016

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on an exciting new project, and it’s finally time to lift the curtain to reveal our brand new stop-motion video!

‘Print for Every Business’ showcases a handful of different industries, from builders to florists, who turn to instantprint for their marketing materials. It highlights all the ways our print can be used to help those businesses flourish. After months in the works and a touch of animation magic, we’re excited to share with you the finish product… 


Did you catch the hidden touches buried in every scene? Hint: keep an eye on what the stick-man does! Bonus points for anyone who can guess whose birthday is circled on the florist’s calendar!

Sneak a Peek Behind the Scenes…

Bringing our stop-motion video to life was great fun! After the initial concept was decided on, we toyed with the idea of using motion graphics or live action to create the video, but stop-motion animation won hands down as it allowed us to incorporate our products in a fun and entertaining way.

For those who haven’t come across it before, stop-motion is an animation that’s captured one frame at a time, using photographs. Objects in the frame are moved physically between shots, so that when you play back the sequence, it creates the illusion of movement. It’s a tricky procedure, as the lighting has to stay consistent with every small movement, so to shoot our entire 1 minute 8 seconds video it took a whopping three days!

The animation team who produced the video have a huge list of impressive credentials to their names, from ITV’s Newzoids to Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride, so it’s fair to say the making of our video was in good hands! To create the set, we gathered props that were relevant to each business, and before filming started, we designed and printed all the print products that you see in every scene. Once the filming wrapped, it moved into post-production to be edited. We added lots of different sound effects which were used to bring each scene to life, and the accompanying music was written especially for the video to ensure it perfectly complimented the overall feel.

If you’d like to see how the whole thing came together, check out our behind the scenes video...

To find out more about the hidden gems that are dotted throughout, have a go at our quiz…


How do you use print for your business? Do you hand out flyers or stickers to promote your service or are booklets and business cards more your thing? Let us know!


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