Print Essentials for Hosting a Eurovision Watch Party

Print Essentials for Hosting a Eurovision Watch Party

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04 Apr 2023

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most highly-anticipated music events of the year, featuring performances from countries all around the world. As you may be aware, The Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will take place in the Liverpool Arena next to the River Mersey on Saturday 13 May with Semi-Finals on Tuesday 9 and Thursday 11 May.

So, whether you're a bar or restaurant or hosting friends and family, you'll need a variety of print materials that will help you and your guests keep track of the scores, participate in fun activities, and create an inviting atmosphere.

With Eurovision coming to the UK, we’ve outlined some essential print materials and creative ideas that will help you host the perfect Eurovision watch party.


Advertising Your Watch Party

You could create some fun invitations to send out, inviting people to your Eurovision party. You could include the date, time, location, and any other important details like fancy dress!

PVC banners
Make sure people know that you’re hosting. A big PVC banner ought to do the trick! Use it to highlight the when and where to passers by.

Perforated tickets
If you’re making your watch party an exclusive event, you may want to consider tickets, to keep track of those joining your party.


Getting Interactive

Foam signs
Perfect for selfies, a lightweight foam sign adorned with quotes, Eurovision branding and your logo is great for snapping and sharing online.

Make the watch party interactive. Create scorecards for your guests to rate each performance. This could include categories like song, performance, costumes, and more.

Bingo cards
Another fun game you could play during the broadcast is Eurovision Bingo. You can print out Bingo cards with things like "Pyrotechnics," "Wind Machine," "Key Change," and "Unusual Instrument," and see who can get Bingo first.


Decorating Your Venue

To really get into the spirit of the competition, you could print flags for each of the participating countries and decorate your party space with them.

You could consider giving out some Eurovision-themed party favours for your guests to take home, such as tote bags, mugs, t-shirts, stickers or water bottles featuring the Eurovision logo or the flags of participating countries.


Upsell Your Menus

Table talkers
Special offer? 2-4-1? Whatever discounts and offers you’re serving up, make sure your guests know about them with handy print proudly presented across all tables.

Drink menus
Create a fun drink menu for your guests with drinks inspired by some of the participating countries. For example, you could serve Sangria for Spain or Guinness for Ireland.

Food menus
Similarly, you could create a food menu that features dishes from each of the participating countries or dishes that are popular in Europe. This could include things like pizza from Italy, sausages from Germany, or crepes from France.


Other Things to Consider

When planning a watch party, there may be some other things for you to consider.

Of course, you need to think about your budget. How much are you looking to spend, can you shop around for a better deal and can you source or do anything yourself?

Thinking about the number of people that may be attending your watch party, it’s always good to check that you have enough people on hand to help the night run smoothly.

Screens and TVs
Most importantly, what will you be watching it on? Make sure you’ve got enough screens in clear to view areas and check that everything is working correctly before the big day.

Seating arrangements
Again, if you plan on having plenty of people attending, make sure you have enough tables and chairs, there’s nothing worse than a packed-out bar with nowhere to sit and enjoy the event.

Other decorations and giveaways
Aside from what we’ve listed above, there’s plenty more you can do with decor and giveaways. Think goodie bags, sweets, badges, bunting, selfie props and more.


In Conclusion

With the Eurovision Song Contest coming to the UK this year, there are plenty of opportunities to make a little extra profit for your business. From watch parties to international menus, leverage our range of quality print products to your advantage. 


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