Minimalism Poster Design Inspiration From Films and Brands

Minimalism Poster Design Inspiration From Films and Brands

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21 Oct 2015

Minimalistic design is everywhere. We are constantly making things smaller, more compact and stripping design back until we are left with the bare elements. Featured photo credit: Olly Moss

So what is minimalism? As the name suggests, it means using the minimum materials to articulate the desired effect, point or message.

Upon my quest for finding some cool minimal artists, I stumbled across some iconic movie and TV show posters that really prove that you can do more with less.


By Eduardo Prox.


By Olly Moss.


By Daniel Enders.

When designing a minimal poster, you want to keep the elements plain and simple. Minimalism is easy to describe but not so easy to design.

So how do you go about designing an minimal poster to be proud of?

Less Is More

This is pretty much what minimalism boils down to. We all like interesting, eye-catching and complex designs but just because you can add something doesn’t mean you should.


Subtract Until It Stops Working

Graphic design is visual communication. Keep subtracting elements from your design until the message you are trying to deliver is no longer legible. Ask yourself, ‘can my design still function at 100% without it?’.


Every Detail Counts

In minimal design, every detail has significance. What you chose to leave is vital. The border around the image, the colours, the typography – everything becomes important to the overall look of the design.


Big Typography

Typography is often used in replacement of images to add more interest to a design.


Hopefully this little snippet into how minimalism can help inspire your next marketing project be it posters, flyers or even business cards.


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