New Book Printing Equipment at instantprint

New Book Printing Equipment at instantprint

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22 Apr 2024

Helping our customers stand out with high quality print is what drives every member of our team here at instantprint. With this in mind, we’re constantly finding new ways to improve our production efficiencies and investing in the best equipment to ensure we deliver on our word.

From price lists and menus to budget friendly catalogues and exhibition guides, we receive tonnes of stapled book orders every day from our customers who are looking for printed books which helps them market their business with pride. We want to be sure that we can deliver what our customers are looking for, and maintain our 99% delivery SLA, which is why we’ve been looking forward to receiving our Muller Martini Prinova Digital saddle stitcher (the first of its kind to be delivered in the UK) for quite some time now. Recently it’s finally been installed in our state of the art production facility and the near £2 million investment is going to help revolutionise the way we print stapled books, allowing us to produce more books, at a higher quality, in less time! 

Key Features & Benefits

Making Staple Book Production More Efficient

  • The speed of the stitcher allows us to print books 50% faster than our existing stitchliners, from around 2000 books per hour to a mighty 3000 per hour.
  • We’re able to easily switch the way the stitcher is fed, meaning no matter which printer your books were printed on, providing more opportunities to speed up the turnaround time of delivery.

The capabilities of having this machine provides our team with more opportunities to create more high quality books in less time, meaning that your order will be quicker than ever before!

Improving the Quality of Our Stapled Books

  • The Muller Martini is capable of being fed from any of our printers in the factory.
  • Created with the future in mind, Muller Martini built the saddle stitcher for companies making the most of various printing processes to ensure quality and efficiencies remain high throughout every job.
  • A few members of our print team have recently had training directly from Muller Martini to help us maximise the stitcher's capabilities, and get it in action sooner.

Having such a versatile piece of equipment is game changing for the way in which we can deliver high quality books on a consistent basis. From the variety of machines which we can print each page, to the process each job goes through, our latest investment is going to help us create stapled books at extremely high levels of quality.


Reducing the Cost of Producing Stapled Books

  • Perfect for small to medium runs, the Muller Martini is ideal for our customers' requirements as we often see our customers ordering stapled books for upcoming events and promotions. 
  • The efficiencies provided by the automation throughout the process allow us to reduce costs in the book making process which we give back to you as a customer to save on your purchasing price.
  • Innovative controls including a large touchscreen help guide our skilled print experts to ensure waste is kept to a minimum and each job is processed as expected.

Thanks to the savings in time and waste, our new saddle stitcher will help us keep our costs down, which we’re excited to pass on to our customers. We’re driven by helping our customers succeed, and knowing that our customers can stand out with high quality print at lower prices is just one of the many ways we’re supporting our customers in 2024. 


Investing in Our Factory

The recent installation of our Muller Martini Prinova is just the first of our exciting investments in the coming months. We’re expecting delivery of a second stitchliner in the coming months, along with a new printer, which we’re proud to be getting the first of in the country! 

Keep your eyes peeled to find out more, as we continue to invest in state of the art technology to produce high quality print at prices which don’t break the bank! 


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