Machine Spotlight: Moll Versafold

Machine Spotlight: Moll Versafold

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20 Nov 2023

The Moll Versafold is one of the most important machines in our factory when it comes to folding. After we’ve printed greetings cards and presentation folders, they need to be folded perfectly to give our customers the high quality product they imagined, and the Versafold is one of the machines behind this process. 


What Does the Versafold Do?

The Moll Versafold is a folder gluer which is extremely versatile thanks to the modular design, allowing us to change the units by adding new parts such as gluing or taping, in and out depending on the products we’re printing. 

We currently use the following three Moll products for folding -
The Moll Friction Feeder to feed the print into the machine and apply hot glue when required, followed by the Moll Perf-N-Crease which scores the print, which enables easy folding either by hand or through the Versafold’s speedy folding process.

We prominently use the Versafold for the following 3 uses -

  • Folding and glueing - For things such as printing presentation folders which require certain areas of the paper to be stuck together, we use the Friction Feeder to feed the products into the machine and apply hot glue. The glue dries within a couple of seconds, while it enters the Perf-N-Crease to be scored followed by the Versafold which finalises the folding.
  • Folding - Some products, such as greetings cards only require folding and, therefore would go through the feeder, before being prepared through the Perf-N-Crease’s scoring and then folded perfectly with the Versafold.
  • Product taping - We’re able to use the Versafold to apply double sided tape to products, such as table talkers, where required, so our customers don’t have to assemble it themselves. 

The Versafold can operate at super fast speeds, processing up to 130m of paper per minute, meaning that at top speeds, we can fold thousands of items an hour ready to be packaged and shipped to our customers.


What Products Go Through the Moll Versafold?

The Versafold can fold a wide variety of products including presentation folders, greetings cards and table talkers to ensure that the final product looks just as perfect as our customers expect. We understand that Christmas is a busy time of year for businesses. That’s why we ensure that all of our greetings cards arrive fully folded, not creased, with envelopes as a standard service. Each job that our team processes through the Versafold is different, and our expert team ensures that they re-calibrate all of the settings with your print job in mind to ensure quality and consistency throughout every job.


How We’re Tackling Waste With The Versafold

We’re constantly re-evaluating our processes to ensure that we remain highly efficient and sustainable at all times. By taking the time to recalibrate the Versafold every time a new job goes through, we’re able to ensure that we’re reducing our waste. This is done from the start of the process. By running a small sample size in the early stages, we’re able to ensure that everything is set up for success, reducing the risk of misfolded print.


What Does This Mean for Our Customers?

The reliability of the Versafold helps ensure that our customer's orders seamlessly make their way through our factory, so they are delivered quickly. The consistent monitoring of print going through the Versafold ensures that our customers feel confident that their order is in good hands with our team. 

The flexible nature of the Versafold and the skills of our team ensure that we’re able to accurately calibrate the machine to the dimensions of your products, in terms of size and glue location. Whether your job is for small or large quantities of printed products, we’re able to help you proudly market your company, with your high quality folded print.


In Conclusion

The Versafold is an essential machine in our factory, especially over the Christmas period, where large numbers of greetings cards are being ordered. Through investing time and money into our training and processes across the factory, including on the Versafold, we’re able to ensure that we maintain high levels of accuracy whilst ensuring customers receive their print as they’d expect, quickly.


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