Machine Spotlight: Hunkeler CS8

Machine Spotlight: Hunkeler CS8

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06 Nov 2023

Totalling over £450,000, the Hunkeler CS8 is the latest addition to our factory! With superior cutting capabilities, our team is able to produce print that is super consistent. Featuring a pristine finish, our team and customers can be confident that our print is of the highest quality.


What Products Does the Hunkeler Cut?

The Hunkeler works hand in hand with our Screen Truepress Jet printers, a continuous feed printer where the stock is passed through the press on one long stream of paper and only guillotined into individual pages after printing. Sitting in line together on our factory floor. Our Truepress machines are responsible for printing your artwork before being transferred to our new Hunkeler to be accurately cut into your finished product.

We tend to use the Hunkeler to produce our various different book products, which include wirebound books and perfect bound books. With our new Hunkeler, you can be safe in the knowledge that your next booklet job is printed and cut with ultimate precision.


Improved Efficiency in Print

Thanks to the various speeds and formats in which our print can now be cut, the improved flexibility of the CS8 allows us to constantly further develop and improve our print providing us with greater efficiency across our factory.

Historically, an area which would slow our printing process down was the volume of work that required guillotining. Now, thanks to the CS8, and its high standards of cutting and super speed, we’ve reduced the time it takes us to cut the jobs that come off our Truepress machines! The Hunkeler CS8 now allows us to process paper at speeds of up to 200 metres per minute.

The Hunkeler has also been a major influence in streamlining the flow of work through our factory. Operationally, we’ve seen an increase in the speed of delivering products on a consistent basis through our production process, we’re able to get even more jobs printed and out to customers on time without compromising on quality. This ensures that they’re able to get their print faster, ready to market their business, spread awareness, or make a head start on their next campaign.


Sustainable Printing

With the Hunkeler CS8’s cutting capabilities, we’re able to work in line with our sustainability strategy, due to the reduction of cutting waste. Previously, our cutting equipment would only cut to SRA3 size (you can learn more about paper sizes here), whereas now we have the capability to cut to a finished size. 

Along with this, we’ve removed the cutting solution from an inline solution (allowing the print to be finished directly from print to finished document) to an offline solution (where the print is transported between machinery to be printed), meaning the reliability of the Truepress printers has significantly improved. We’ve found this has led to a higher level of reliability within our printing process and less material is wasted.


What This Means for Our Customers

The reliability and efficiency of the Hunkeler translates into huge benefits for our customers. Due to the savings in time and waste, we’re able to continue providing you with improved quality print at a fair price.

We’re also able to get work out of our factory faster than ever before, thanks to increased efficiency in cutting and reducing the queues in other parts of the printing process. This means that our customers can receive their print quicker, so they can make the most of their printed marketing material.


In Conclusion

We’re always committed to investing time and money into our equipment because we believe in producing only the best print products. With our faster production processes being complimented by high levels of accuracy, we’re able to sustainably deliver orders on time, whilst keeping quality at the forefront of everything we do.


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