How to Create Seasonal Packaging for Christmas

How to Create Seasonal Packaging for Christmas

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14 Dec 2017

With Christmas just around the corner, it makes sense that World Free Shipping Day is on Friday 15th December this year. Why not make the most of this event and really go to town on your packaging, too? It’s a great way to create a memorable parcel and a personal touch that your customers will love. We’ve come up with some ways to help…


The most affordable way to update your packaging is with stickers. They’re multi-purpose too! Get branded stickers, festive stickers, promotional stickers – anything you want – and use them on your packaging, in your shop, or to seal your gift bags.

Stickers come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll find something to suit your budget. Seal your envelopes with a small round festive-themed sticker, or use a large branded sticker for your hand-written addresses.


Postcards are a sleek way to wish your customers a happy Christmas, to thank them for their custom, or to promote your upcoming January sale offers.

It’s even better if you have the time and resources to handwrite the message on the card, too! This’ll really bring a personal touch to the customer journey, and help them feel valued as individuals – which can improve customer loyalty and increase lifetime value!

Compliment Slips

Wherever you need to include your business details, such as on an invoice or a compliment slip in your packaging, consider using a more festive design to bring some fun to your parcel. A simple Santa hat on your logo could be a low-key nod to the season, or you could go all-out and include a fun, transparent graphic on your background. It’s up to you!

Free Stuff

People LOVE free stuff, of any kind! Consider popping in a packet of sweeties, a free pen, or even a branded notebook as a little extra in your parcel. Wrap it up in your Christmassy compliment slip and you’ve got a perfect thank-you package to make your customer feel special!


Go all out with the free stuff: include a branded desk calendar in your parcel to make sure your logo is seen for all 365 days of 2018. People not only love free stuff, but they love USEFUL free stuff, and you can be sure that your calendar will be sat on their office desk for the entirety of next year (and probably beyond, knowing how little most office workers actually clear out their desks!).

You could even include special dates on your calendar to mark important events for your company, such as your next open day, the start of your January sale, or your exclusive customer-only promotions and product launches.

Top Packaging Tips

There are a few top tips to make sure that your festive packing for World Free Shipping Day is eye-catching, secure, and customer-friendly:

  • Wrap fragile things well, but don’t overdo the bubble wrap.
  • Use an appropriate-sized box for parcels – there’s nothing worse than signing for a large box only to find it’s stuffed with air-pockets or polystyrene peanuts around the tiniest item inside.
  • Remember that this may be a gift: consider using gift receipts or invoices in every package during December.
  • Include returns information for your products, so that gift recipients can easily return the item without having to go via the gift-giver (which could be awkward!).
  • Consider adding in a promotional voucher or a recommend-a-friend offer to encourage repeat custom.

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