How They're Made: Booklets

How They're Made: Booklets

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10 Aug 2016

If there’s one product from our growing range that we hold a secret torch for, it has to be booklets. Without tooting our own horn, they’re super high quality and the level of precision that goes into making them is pretty impressive!


But don’t just take our word for it; the proof is in the pudding! Or in this case, a fun little video, which shows you precisely how our beloved stapled booklets are made and why it’s a process to be proud of!



How The Magic Happens…



It all begins in our Artwork department, where your stapled booklet order is sent for proofing. Once it has been checked and approved by both our studio team and you- our lovely customer, it’s sent down to our CTP room where it enters into the first stage of production (like a kid on their first day of school!).   



Before it can be sent to print, your booklet order needs to primed and prepped. To do this, we create a plate for each colour (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black) before it’s ready to go on press.



Once the plates are made up, the artwork is then lithographically printed on our monster of a printer, The Heidleberg XL75. 



It’s then taken over to Guillotine press to be carefully cut down to size.



Next up is the folding process, which takes place on our incredible Stahlfolder.



Now it’s off to the mighty Muller Martini where our binding team have to keep a close eye out for any pulls, tugs or errors as the booklets are stitched on the machine. Once it’s bound together, it goes through the three-knife trim to finish.



The final stage of the process sees your booklets neatly packaged up and sent off for delivery. In just one day, they will find their new home!


So as you can see, your booklet order goes on a complex journey through our factory, with every step being carefully monitored and skilfully handled by our expertly trained team. 

What did you think to the process? Was it as expected or did it come as a surprise? 

If you’d like to see how any of our other products are made, give us a shout. Business cards, roller banners… anything you fancy!




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