Hilarious Signs and Banners to Make You LOL

Hilarious Signs and Banners to Make You LOL

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25 Aug 2016

Both signs and banners are incredibly effective forms of advertising. Not only because of their potential for bright and eye-catching design, but because it’s in our nature to pay close attention to them. Signs are used on the roads to give instructions, so we’re programmed to seek them out and obey them when driving. Banners are often placed high so we can spot them in a crowd. They’re commonly used to promote the likes of events, new store openings and sales, so we’re instinctively inclined to keep an eye out for them so we don’t miss out on the fun.


Of course, there are times when a banner or sign can stop you in tracks for a completely different reason. Not because their message is enticing or that it’s warning us of danger, but because it’s downright hilarious!


Whether it’s a terrible choice of words, unfortunate placement or utterly bizarre graphics, here are a few examples of the banners and signs we just can’t stop laughing at…



Someone didn’t take into account the placement of these banners. Or maybe they did?!


 Image: www.warnerbros.com


Wheelchair skiers beware!


Image: www.boredpanda.com


If you’re dropping off a bag of dirt with these guys, just make sure you wash it first.


 Image: www.warnerbros.com


Start your day with a pleasant hike. End it having a scrap with a mountain lion (though only if provoked!).


Image: www.boredpanda.com


Just in case you needed official confirmation…


 Image: www.warnerbros.com


Proof you should always read the small print. You’ll be massively disappointed otherwise!


Image: www.warnerbros.com


Wouldn’t want to make the animals sick.


 Image: www.boredpanda.com


At least they’ve covered themselves for when you check in to your room and it looks out over a line of Portaloos.


 Image: www.boredpanda.com


Little white lie? Or insurance for when the police take toilet breaks?


Image: www.boredpanda,com


Be careful who you flash. Octopuses in particular are easily offended.



Image: www.warnerbros.com


Guess this prison has a lot of break-outs!



 Image: www.warnerbros.com


Talk about mixed messages. Hot beer? Cold pizza? FAKE CHEESE?!  What IS this place?!



Image: www.warnerbros.com


Yikes. Don’t mess with the system, kids. It could have some debilitating consequences!



 Image: www.warnerbros.com


No girls allowed at this festival…



 Image: www.warnerbros.com


But… that’s not a road!



 Image: www.boredpanda.com


We may have laughed our way through this list, but there’s really nothing wrong with adding humour to your sign. At the very least, it’s bound to get you noticed – as these examples have very well proved!


If you yourself have designed a funny sign or banner, or if you’ve seen any knocking around, give us a shout. We’re an easily amused bunch and would love to see them!



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