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Flyer Series: The Anatomy of a Killer Flyer

Flyer Series: The Anatomy of a Killer Flyer

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21 Oct 2015

One of the troubles when creating a new flyer or leaflet is staring at a blank page – it happens to everyone (including us) but to help get you up and running we thought we’d look into the anatomy of a flyer. So we asked around the office, and whilst there were some wonderfully unique ideas but we were all in agreement that it was best to focus on the basic principles.

Heading: Make sure this explains the purpose of the flyer, short and snappy works best. Examples; ‘Summer sale now on’, ‘Most anticipated film of the year’, ‘In the event of a fire’.

Subheading: Optional (again provides a little more insight to the purpose of the flyer).

Content: This section varies the most and is usually dependent on the purpose. Are you selling a product? Offering services, offering advice, addressing issues? We recommend making this section as clear as possible. Without beating a dead horse, less is more. Don’t try to cram in too much information as this could have a detrimental effect. Keep it clear, concise and to the point.

CTA: Or Call to Action. What do you want your recipient to do after reading the flyer, most cases this will be to visit a website or place but it’s important you make this part clear.

Contact: We’ve seen so many flyers and leaflets go through the system that have neglected this part. Whilst not always necessary it’s easily forgotten. How do you want your customers to contact you? This can also tie in with the Call to Action.

Whilst this only scratches the surface in what we think is important to include, there’s plenty more you can do with flyers. Our top tip though is always ask yourself what action you want your customers to take after receiving your flyer.

As a bit of fun, we’ve created a little infographic on what to include on a typical flyer...

Anatomy-of-a-Flyer-Infographic.jpg (1)

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