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Employee Spotlight: Tamarind Randall

Employee Spotlight: Tamarind Randall

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06 Nov 2018


From our Marketing and Customer Service teams to our Web team, it’s vital that we have a system in place so that all teams can share communications about the website – especially as we’re an online printing company! This means we can swiftly resolve issues and make amendments to the site to improve the experience for our customers.

We went behind the scenes and shone the spotlight on the individual who helps keeps the web running smoothly for both our teams and our customers, our Project Manager, Tamarind Randall.


  1. When did you start working at instantprint?

I started in May 2018, but it feels like I’ve been here longer! I’ve settled into my role well and I’m really enjoying it.


  1. What does your role involve? (Be specific and detailed)

    I work with the Marketing, Creative, Customer Service and Web Development teams to make sure all their requests of what they want to do to improve the website are completed, and that we coordinate these changes together. So, a lot of meetings! I also spend a lot of time on our project management software, organising who’s doing what and when.


  1. How does your role fit into the journey of an instantprint customer’s print?

    With the requests that I deal with for the website, I touch on every stage of the customer journey. If there’s a problem at any stage, from the customer logging onto the website to the order being sent out to the correct address, I’ll see that it gets solved quickly and efficiently.


As an online printer, everything we do comes from the web, so it’s important that we all work together to make sure the website’s running smoothly.


  1. What makes you proud about working at instantprint?

I love that, when recruiting, instantprint look for potential in people, rather than solely basing their decision on past experience. Attitude and personality are valued so highly, and because everyone has the same attitude towards their work here, it makes for a fantastic team. We’re all working towards the same goal.


  1. What’s your favourite project that you’ve worked on so far?

    Although it’s not strictly a project we worked on in our working hours, I absolutely loved the dragon boat racing we took part in over the summer. It was so fun and it was also a great way of meeting and getting to know people from all over the business.


I organised our team to take part, and it was fantastic to see how enthusiastic people were both beforehand and on the day. We came 2nd out of about 15 other teams, so we’re definitely a competitive bunch and I can’t wait for a rematch next year!

  1. Tell us about your downtime hobbies or a random fact about yourself

I like open water swimming, which is something I do most mornings before I get into work. Last year I swam throughout the winter so we had to break the ice to get in on a couple of occasions! I find it really rewarding.

It’s hard to think of just one random fact about myself; I have a friend who always says that I do knitting and airsofting and everything in between! I have loads of hobbies – I’m never bored.


  1. Tell us about a standard day in the instantprint office for you?


There’s no real standard day. I spend a LOT of time on our project management software, there are loads of meetings and conversations that help make sure everyone’s got what they need in order to do their job.


This involves asking questions for clarification, chasing data or corrections, troubleshooting and then problem-solving, trying to put procedures into place so we don’t fall into bad practices. Yeah, really varied!


  1. What do you enjoy most about working at instantprint?


I know I’ve already covered this, but it has to be attitude. Just this infectious ambition to dream bigger whilst not losing focus; everyone’s dedicated to delivering a good quality product at competitive prices. And that’s exactly what we do!


Craig Wassell

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Hi, I’m Craig, instantprint’s Marketing Executive. I have a passion for discovering new and innovative ways small business owners can give their marketing a boost.