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Employee Spotlight: Martin

Employee Spotlight: Martin

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12 Jun 2018

Throughout your print buying journey, we have a range of processes and teams in place to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently for you. In order to give you the best online service possible, there’s loads of hard work being put in behind the scenes.


Every element of our website goes through our Web Development Team who ensure that everything is working at the optimum level. To find out more about the ins and outs of how our website is developed and operated, we shone the spotlight on Web Team Manager, Martin…


1. When did you start working at instantprint?


I joined in June 2015 (although if you ask my team, they would argue that I didn’t start working for a while after that).


2. What does your role involve?


I head up the team that looks after all of the website development and operations. In other words, the team that are making all the changes to our website and that are looking after the site to make sure that it’s always available and running. I enable the team to build the solutions that our customers need and expect from us.


3. How does your role fit into the journey of an instantprint customer’s print?


Every interaction a customer has on the website has in some way been influenced by my team (so if there’s a problem, it’s probably my fault). This means that we have an impact on every customers’ print journey when they order their print online.


4. What makes you proud about working at instantprint?


I love that instantprint is as ambitious as I am. And also, that we’re not afraid to make mistakes as long as we learn from them and move on quickly – you don’t get anywhere without trying, and at instantprint, you have that opportunity to try without worrying about making mistakes along the way.


5. What’s the most exciting technology or change you’ve seen in the way print is produced?


On a personal note, I am super excited about the platform we are building. It’s more than just an eCommerce website – it’s an all-encompassing print platform that will enable the future of instantprint.

Across the business as a whole though, the Business Card cell created last year is really impressive and the quality it produces is second to none.


6. Tell us about your downtime hobbies or a random fact about yourself


I have a book ‘published’ on the Amazon Kindle store. It started out as a joke between a friend and I that managed to get out of hand, but we have somehow managed to sell a few copies of a book that is less than 4 sentences long!  


7. What do you enjoy the most about working at instantprint?


I love knowing that we all have the ability to make change happen. We are encouraged to push boundaries and challenge the status quo – especially working in web development where change is a crucial aspect of the role.


8. Tell us about a standard day. What are the most common problems you have and how do you solve them?


All days start in the same way: a team meeting about what we’re going to do today and what we achieved yesterday. After that, no two days are the same. I can say that the biggest challenge I personally face is getting the development team to attend meetings. But, they will tell you that it’s because they are always focused on trying to make the site better!


9. Tell us about the best outcome you’ve had in the web development team?


We finished second at the Sports Day held last year! But, seriously, we have released new features and functionality at the rate of 1 release per week for the last 2 years, which is a huge achievement.


10. How do you deliver the best customer service - what's your biggest secret to a satisfied customer?


We are always moving forward. We never stop improving our service and are constantly listening to what our customers want. We try our hardest to deliver a service that goes beyond their expectations and is continually impressive.

Craig Wassell

About the Author

Hi, I’m Craig, instantprint’s Marketing Executive. I have a passion for discovering new and innovative ways small business owners can give their marketing a boost.