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Employee Spotlight: Lee

Employee Spotlight: Lee

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23 May 2018

Have you ever wondered what actually goes on at instantprint to make the print magic happen? Our Studio team check over every single piece of artwork we print against our unique 10 point check system and flag any issues with your design to make sure you receive perfect print.

Our Studio team act as a safety net to check resolution, colour, file type - you name it. There’s a whole team dedicated to bringing you the best experience at instantprint. Here, we talk to Lee our Proofing Team Leader, in our Studio Department to find out more…


1. When did you start working at instantprint?

I’ve been here quite a while actually! I have worked within instantprint now for over 3 years.


2. What does your role involve? (Be specific and detailed)

My role within instantprint is proofing team leader. Proofing is a service that we offer to customers that involves a verity of different processes. We deal with all artwork queries that are sent though fro

m a customer. Checking over every piece of artwork to make sure it hits our 10 point check list. Which allows us to give you a detailed answer to any queries. We also deal with manual set up of artwork to make sure that everything is ready for print. All manual work is created using adobe suite, creating all final proofs within InDesign. We are here to help make sure that your print is set up correctly for what you require.  My role also involves project and performance management of my team. We are always looking to improve process in order to give you the quickest and most reliable service possible.


3. How does your role fit into the journey of an instantprint customer’s print?

In studio there are 2 separate journeys for an order to go through. If you approve your artwork online you will go down the approved journey. Proofing is the journey for artwork that has not been approved online. The proofing process is the part in between you placing your order and the production of your print.


4. What makes you proud about working at instantprint?

Instantprint is a great place to work. It is full of inspiring people who are all here to do the best job possible. I am proud to be part of the industry and have such a great team around me.  Working with the team and seeing the company grow makes me incredibly proud to be part of the instantprint brand.


5. What’s the most exciting technology or change you’ve seen in the way print is produced?

While working in the print industry I have seen lots of exciting changes. The most exciting one for me was the use of automation. Automation has allowed us to integrate our workflows and give us a consistant output everytime. This new way to look at artwork setup is exciting and allows us to be creative when developing new processes. Opening up the doors to new ideas and future progression.


6. Tell us about your downtime hobbies or a random fact about yourself

Some of my main hobbies are photography and design. I enjoy getting out in the countryside taking pictures and exploring what the world has to offer.  I am always looking for ideas and inspiration to help me with my creativity. Alongside photography I enjoy illustration and design and use creative suite on a regular basis to aid me with my design work.


7. What do you enjoy the most about working with instantprint customers?

I love working with our customers to help them achieve what is in there imagination. I enjoy being part of people's creative journeys and helping bring their artwork to life. I have learned a great deal from my customers over the years. Having the chance to work with a lot of inspirational people. 


8. Tell us about a standard day, what are the most common problems you help customers with?

One of the main common issues that we see in proofing is incorrect safety areas. This results in us having to place a white border on the artwork file. When trimming down artwork we need this safety area in order to insure that the artwork is not uneven.  Any text outside of this area will most likely be trimmed off. To fix this issue make sure all text is within both the safety and bleed guides. Click here to read our bleed and safety area guides. We will warn you what the issue is and send you a proof of what we can achieve with the artwork supplied. After this we will talk through with you to help rectify any problems.


9. Tell us about the best customer experience you’ve had

The process of setting up artwork for printing presentation folders can be quite tricky to understand, especially when you haven’t ordered that product before. A customer once rang up asking for further clarification on how to print folders. I talked through the process with them over the phone explaining in detail how to get their artwork print ready. I sent over all of the resource we have available to also help reiterate all the instructions I’d given. They sent me over their print ready artwork and it went straight to print without any issues. They then wrote a great review on our trust pilot site thanking me for my customer service. It meant the world to get some positive feedback. 


10. How do you deliver the best customer service – what’s your biggest secret to a satisfied customer?

Do what ever you can to help, there is no issue too big to solve or too little to advise about. If a customer doesn’t know something or is unsure what product to go for, it’s our job to give that advice and recommendations.  I think it’s imperative to stay positive and reassure the customer with clear instruction that they would understand.  We always take time to understand what is required from our customers.

Craig Wassell

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