Employee Spotlight: Darby

Employee Spotlight: Darby

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21 Jun 2023

At instantprint, we believe in exceptional customer service, and so does our team, which is reflected in our industry-leading Trustpilot score of 4.8 which is Excellent. Managing the team is one of our dedicated team leaders, Darby.

Darby does an excellent job supporting her team in their roles, to make sure our customers have the best experience from start to finish. She also helps to support other teams and areas of the business throughout by helping Marketing with organising data capture and Studio with making sure customers are kept up to date with information about their artwork. So what does her day-to-day role typically look like? Let's find out!

1. How long have you worked at instantprint?

Oh wow! I have worked at instantprint for over 2 years! I was employed as a Client Services Executive and worked my way up to an experienced client services executive, and I am now a client services team leader and have a team of 7 agents who I manage every day.


2. What does your average day look like?

My typical day-to-day includes actively and historically offering coaching and training to my team as well as managing queue workloads and supporting the other team leaders. All of this works towards ensuring each customer has a smooth journey with us from start to finish. 


3. How does your role fit into the customer's journey?

I am constantly working towards providing world-class customer service, which is done through ensuring my team has the correct and most up to date knowledge to help our customers as best they can. 


4. What makes you proud to work at instantprint?

It’s a company that likes to support its people and customers wherever possible. They have amazing development and career opportunities and they are really dedicated to their employees. They really are a company that care.


5. Tell us your favourite memory of working at instantprint

Ooh! Let me think. Yeah - it has to be Sports Day. Sports day is my favourite memory. I remember this so well because the entire team had such a great time and we were all laughing and enjoying ourselves. These events are a good opportunity for the wider business to connect as well as spending time outside of work with colleagues which I really enjoy doing.


6. What’s your favourite print product and why?

My favourite print product has to be foiled business cards. I love foiled business cards because the foil embellishment looks so luxurious and is such a small change which makes a big difference to the finished design. I love the holographic colour foil as it looks so cool and eye-catching. And not just that – I think it's excellent value for money! 


7. What’s your favourite project you’ve worked on so far?

Easy - my favourite project is the Right First Time project. This is because it ensures we are providing all of the correct information to our customers in the first point of contact which solves their query efficiently and as quickly as possible. This project helps my team in providing the best service they possibly can. It has been such a great experience to watch my team grow with this project and really improve their skills.


8. Tell us about your downtime hobbies or a random fact about yourself

A random fact about myself is that in 2018 I went to Australia travelling for 6 months and cuddled a koala and kangaroos which slept in my bed with me every day, and I spent Christmas Day in Australia too and we had a barbeque on the beach for Christmas dinner. I absolutely loved travelling it was such an unforgettable experience!


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