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Employee Spotlight: Cei

Employee Spotlight: Cei

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21 Dec 2018

As the UK’s fastest growing online printing company, having a website that looks great, works quickly and is easy to navigate is essential for helping our customers create and purchase print that shows off how amazing their business is. That’s why we have a whole team committed to making sure our website is always one step ahead.

To find out more about the work going on behind the scenes on our Web team, we shone the spotlight on instantprint Web Developer Cei Wheatman.


1.    When did you start working at instantprint? 

I started on the 14th August 2018, so really recently!

2.    What does your role involve? (Be specific and detailed)

I work on the website, making changes to a variety of things that users interact with. This can be anything from our free design online tool to the product pages. This way our customers can have the best experience when buying print online.


3.    How does your role fit into the journey of an instantprint customer’s print?

Everything that the customer interacts with I’ve looked at or developed. And that’s every customer because we’re an online printer! Because we’re an ecommerce business, having an easy-to-use and fast website is crucial. 


4.    What makes you proud about working at instantprint?

The enthusiasm is great. When we had staff sports day, Craig, the Marketing Executive, was super hyped and it was so infectious. Even though we didn’t win, the whole team was in such good spirits. The people who work here are great!


5.    What’s your favourite project that you’ve worked on so far?

I’ve not really been here that long, but so far, I’ve been working on the US website, bringing that up to date with the UK one. The US sitemap was behind the UK one, so I moved some of the code from the UK site to the US site. That’s probably what I’m most proud of right now, and I can’t wait to see what projects I work on next!

6.    Tell us about your downtime hobbies or a random fact about yourself

One of my hobbies is that I like to go cycling. When I went to university I took my mountain bike with me so I could cycle along the 'Taff Trail' in Cardiff and when I got back to Yorkshire I started to cycle around 'Rabbit Ings', which is a country park near to where I live.
For a random fact, my name’s Welsh (Ceirion, pronounced ‘Kai-ree-on’), but I’m actually from Barnsley.


7.    Tell us about a standard day in the instantprint office for you? 

I try and arrive early every day to check my emails and see if I have any meetings that I need to prepare for. Then I make a coffee ready for the day ahead and check the tasks I’ve got to complete that day. If there’s anything I’ve been working on the previous day, I get stuck straight into that. After that, there’s no real ‘standard’ day, I could be working on anything on the website! 


8.    What do you enjoy most about working at instantprint?

I really like the people; the team are very supportive. I’ve only recently graduated from university and this is my first job in the industry, so they’ve been really great and helped me out if I’ve needed any clarification or if I’ve been unsure of something. 


Craig Wassell

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Hi, I’m Craig, instantprint’s Marketing Executive. I have a passion for discovering new and innovative ways small business owners can give their marketing a boost.