Employee Spotlight: Amy

Employee Spotlight: Amy

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03 Jul 2018

Throughout your print buying journey, we have a range of processes and teams in place to make sure the service you receive from us is first class. We are dedicated to providing you with expert advise on any questions that you might have regarding printing your artwork – we realise that the print-buying procedure can get a bit challenging (especially when it comes to the high-tech jargon which is so commonly used), so we hope that we can help make the whole process a lot clearer.


If you were to have any questions about printing your artwork, one of your first points of contact on this journey would be the Personal Artworkers Department. We went and had a chat with one of our Personal Artworkers, Amy, to get the complete lowdown…  



  1. When did you start working at instantprint?

I started working with instantprint in March 2015 and it’s my first time working in the print industry. One of the things I love about working here is getting to work closely with such a wide variety of artwork for different products and it’s always fascinating to learn about the machines that we use and how products are printed, finished and put together.


  1. What does your role involve? (Be specific and detailed)

I work in the Personal Artworkers Department, advising customers on how to create or amend their artwork to make it print ready. As well as this, I also set artwork up for print and I make small amendments to artwork too.


  1. How does your role fit into the journey of an instantprint customer’s print?

If you needed any help with printing your artwork, I would be the first person that you would speak to at the beginning of your print journey. If you are unsure about how to set up your artwork, if you have created your artwork and you are unsure how it will print, or for any other queries regarding artwork and printing before placing your order, I am always happy to help.


  1. What makes you proud about working at instantprint?

We offer a personal, professional service which I do not feel is offered anywhere else. We can guide you from the very beginning to the very end of the print journey, making sure the whole process is as clear and simple as possible. We’re always growing as a company, always finding and working on new ideas to improve whilst taking the customers’ needs into consideration. instantprint is a great company and I am very proud to be a part of it!



  1. What’s the most exciting technology or change you’ve seen in the way print is produced?

It’s very exciting how quickly the company has progressed and how new printers and machines are always arriving in the factory to expand our product range. I love to walk around the factory and watch the printers and machines at work. I was very excited when we launched Spot UV and look forward to gold foiling in the future, uuuuh shiny.


  1. Tell us about your downtime hobbies or a random fact about yourself

I like to take my work home with me – I enjoy working on freelance design, using my print knowledge to help progress my work and hobbies. I gain a lot of inspiration for my own work from that of the artwork we print. One of my favourite things to do at the weekend is to take my dog, Olly, for walks. I am strongly routing for a dog-friendly office with a bed under my desk. How is this not the best idea, ever?



  1. What do you enjoy the most about working with instantprint customers?

As most of instantprint’s customers are not print professionals but professionals in their own fields, it is refreshing to be able to help and advise them on print. A baker may be amazing at baking delicious cakes and pastries, but might not be as skilled at setting up a business card and getting it printed, or it might even be that they haven’t used us before or they have designers that usually deal with us – this is where the Personal Artworkers step in. When our customers reach out for help, I love that I can assist them through the process, and knowing they appreciate the help and guidance that we offer is really rewarding.


  1. Tell us about a standard day. What are the most common problems you help customers with?

Working as a Personal Artworker, every day is different. The artwork I work with and the customers I speak to are all different and have very different needs. On a typical day, I would work through our email inbox and check artwork for print. I advise customers on how to make files print-ready and answer any other questions they may have. I also make small amendments for customers, such as amending a date on a poster. It’s work with so many different products, and with new products being added to the list all the time, it’s a very exciting place to work. I enjoy working in my department - it’s refreshing to know that no day is ever the same!


  1. Tell us about the best customer experience you’ve had?

Again, this is very hard to choose as I have spoken to many lovely people in my time with instantprint! It’s very rewarding to be able to help a customer who is struggling to get their artwork ready for print – I feel like I can really make a difference to a customer’s overall experience. I have received emails and phone calls from customers just to give personal thanks which I really appreciate and makes my job even more enjoyable.



  1. How do you deliver the best customer service – what’s your biggest secret to a satisfied customer?

Always treat all customers individually. Each customer has a different skill set, comes from a different work background and needs print for different reasons. Keep up to date with your products and always think outside of the box. If a customer is looking for a bespoke product that we do not offer, you’ve got to think to yourself: ‘can we print this onto a flat sheet so the customer can then assemble it once they receive it?’ There will always be a solution to find the perfect product for you and that is my job - to make your print journey as easy and pleasant as possible.


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