Employee Spotlight: Ally Boldan

Employee Spotlight: Ally Boldan

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10 May 2024

If you’ve come across instantprint in any publication or website, it’s highly likely that you’ve come across a piece of work which our PR and Communications Lead, Ally has worked on. From creating new PR campaigns to liaising with the eCommerce and Marketing teams to ensure that all communications are aligned, Ally is committed to ensuring that everyone who comes across instantprint is familiar with and inspired by the brand.

We recently sat with Ally to learn about her time with the company, her proudest moments and what her average day looks like. 

How long have you worked at instantprint and how has your role progressed in that time?

I’ve worked in print for almost 3 years, working at instantprint for just over a year now! I moved to instantprint in February 2023 leaving behind my old role as a Content Marketing Executive and taking on a new challenge in the world of PR where I joined as a PR and Communications Executive. In October last year I became the PR and Communications Lead, as our team here at instantprint expanded, and my knowledge grew, I became responsible for our PR strategy and marketing communications.

What does the average day look like for a PR & Communications Lead at instantprint?

This is such an interesting question because honestly in the world of PR, you never know when an opportunity may strike! The same goes for the other part of my role, where I’m involved with coming up with ideas for the team, our strategy and communications. No two days are ever the same in marketing, as it changes so quickly.

For the PR side of my role, day-to-day you’ll find me creating campaigns, both creative and brand-driven ones, using research to create hooks to grab media attention. I’ll send out press releases, liaise with journalists and keep an eye out for opportunities to pitch to journalist requests. In my role, it’s my job to get instantprint coverage in suitable outlets so that we can share our knowledge, products and latest updates with a wider audience.

The communications side of my role focuses more on our in-house communications. Day to day I can be found planning our emails and blogs for our marketing calendar and briefing these in to our content team. I may write some web copy to support a product launch liaising with our eCommerce team, or I could be found crafting content for one of our direct mail campaigns working closely with our graphic design team. I’ve worked in content marketing for over 6 years, so you may also find me running workshops to help upskill our team, reviewing work or creating guides!

What do you think makes instantprint so unique?

I’ve worked for different print brands with different audiences, and there’s just something about instantprint. We understand customers! I think the fact that we have an always on approach when it comes to feedback and communication really sets us apart. On top of this, we’re super transparent, whilst constantly trying to make ourselves better for our customers and do everything with them in mind. 

What has been your career highlight so far at instantprint?

There have been so many in such a short space of time! Being promoted to PR and Communications Lead was a huge highlight for me last year and finishing up my Chartered Institute of Public Relations Course at the start of this year. Since then, I’d have to say being shortlisted for two awards as an individual; the Prolific North Champions Awards and the PRCA DARE Awards. Simply knowing that I made it as a finalist is such a pinch-me moment.

In terms of instantprint, I think my biggest career highlight has to be seeing all the amazing publications we’ve managed to get coverage in as a brand.

Some include; Express, The Sun, Daily Record, Mirror, Daily Star, Wales Online, Mail Online, GB News, Yahoo, HuffPost, Reader's Digest, MSN, Indy100, The Manc, JOE, West Wales Chronicle, International Business Times, HR Grapevine, AI Business, Prolific North, Yorkshire Post, Business Live, Insider Media, Rotherham Advertiser, Business Leader, Bdaily News, TopicUK, HubSpot, EngageBay, and TechRound.

How does your role fit into the instantprint customer’s journey?

My role is all about how we present ourselves as a brand to different audiences. I’m responsible for shaping the communications that go out to customers and prospects right through to journalists and publications. Everything we do has to be considered, is it the right messaging? Does it sit in line with our tone of voice? Does the content sit in line with our goals as well as our customers? As communications lead, it’s important for me to also filter this down into our teams, from eCommerce to marketing, we want to make sure that all our content is aligned so customers understand who we are, what we do, how we can help them and at the end of the day, how print can support their business.

What are you looking forward to the most in the coming 12 months from instantprint?

Personally, I want to focus even harder on our PR efforts. We already smash coverage but it’s now about refining our campaigns even further, getting coverage in new publications and focusing more on offline efforts such as print, TV and radio. I can’t wait to see where instantprint gets featured in the next year!

Which campaign have you worked on that you’re the most proud of?

Back in August 2023, I created a PR campaign all around neurodiversity in the workplace, this campaign idea was one that I pitched in the interview for my role and was something that I really wanted to delve deep into. When we launched the campaign, we saw an incredible response. As part of our research, we surveyed over 1,000 office workers and spoke to a panel of neurodiversity experts to uncover their opinions on our research and to gain insight into what they believe employers should be doing to support neurodiversity in the workplace.

We ended up securing over 150+ pieces of coverage for our neurodiversity campaign with:

  • 93 links
  • 2 print features
  • 150 pieces of coverage
  • 12.5k landing page impressions
  • Syndication on Yahoo and MSN

Which print product is your favourite and why?

For me, it has to be our range of books. Over the last year, I’ve worked closely with our book binding department to create everything from how it’s made blogs right through to our direct mail campaign all around our new books range. The sheer intricacy that goes into the creation of thread sewn, lay flat and perfect bound books is ridiculous. Bookmaking is truly a craft and art form and that’s why it has to be one of my favourite print products.

Tell us about your downtime hobbies or a random fact about yourself!

Outside of work, I have a real passion for interiors! I run a small home interior account on Instagram, where I’ve collaborated with brands like 4 Lite UK, Glass Guard and Gleeson Homes. I’m even enrolled in Lucy Gough's How To Become A Professional Interior Stylist Course, and I’ve been quoted in publications myself as an interior enthusiast. When I’m not posting on my home account, I can be found enjoying a can of White Claw at a festival or gig!


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