Kids Educational Posters & Classroom Wall Posters UK

Kids Educational Posters & Classroom Wall Posters UK

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04 Feb 2021

Creating educational posters for your classroom is a great way to engage kids and remind them of the lessons you’re teaching. As a teacher, you’ve already got a lot on your plate – planning lessons, marking work, and the day-to-day teaching of young minds. That’s why we’ve created 10 downloadable classroom wall posters for kids in the UK, so you’ve got one less thing to think about!


1.    Times Table Poster

This first printable poster for teaching shows basic times tables up to 12. This tends to be the highest times table number children learn, as we still count many things in dozens, so this still has lots of real-life applications. It’s also what UK pupils are tested on in their SATs, so memorising them with this handy poster will help solidify their learning!

free times table poster with a bright blue background


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2.    Adjectives Poster

When it comes to creative writing, adjectives are essential for creating an exciting story. Give children some inspiration with this adjectives list classroom poster, perfect for key stage one and early key stage two kids alike.

orange poster with lists of adjectives on it


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3.    Learn the Alphabet Poster

Learning the alphabet is one of the very first stages of literacy. One of the best ways to teach it is using words children already know and love – like the names of their favourite animals! This educational poster uses cartoon animals and shows the letters of the alphabet in both upper and lowercase to embed the shapes of these letters in young minds.

Cartoon animal alphabet for learning the sounds


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4.    Colour Wheel Poster

Art lessons are a fantastic way to encourage children to express themselves and get creative, as well as learn different colours, how to mix them and the effects they have. This bright colour wheel poster for kids differentiates between primary, secondary and tertiary colours. It also explains how to choose complementary colours and identifies which colours are warm and cool.

Basic colour wheel with warm and cool toned colours shown


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5.    Decimals, Percentages & Fractions Poster

Decimals, percentages and fractions all tie in together, so teaching them all at once is a great way to create a link in children’s minds between them. This useful poster for teaching demonstrates how each topic links together, showing the same value as a decimal, percentage and fraction. It uses basic values that many children will already be familiar with by the time they reach key stage two, such as halves and quarters.

Blue maths poster with decimals, percentages and fractions shown in bright colours


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6.    Number Grid 1-100 Poster

Number grids have multiple uses: they can help children count, use multiplication, work out differences and add and subtract. This number grid educational poster features numbers 1-100 and is best suited to key stage one maths learning walls.

Orange number grid for counting up to 100


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7.    Place Value Poster

This place value chart shows the value of a unit depending on where it’s placed in a number. To simplify this, the decimal place separates the ones from the tenths and a comma separates the hundreds from the thousands. Quick tip – print of a few of these learning posters and have them laminated so that your pupils can write straight onto them with markers pens.

landscape place value chart up to the millions


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8.    Primary and Secondary Colours Poster

This educational classroom poster is a simplified version of our colour wheel chart, and it’s better suited to younger children who are still getting to grips with creating colours. The fun paint splodges are an attractive and simple way to show what happens when you mix different coloured paints together, encouraging pupils to get creative with their own painting skills.

A poster with paint splodges showing how to mix primary and secondary colours


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9.    Punctuation Poster

This bright multi-coloured classroom poster brings punctuation to life! Different features of punctuation are explained here, with the wording making this a perfect learning resource for older pupils in the later key stage two years who are preparing for their SATs.

cream, pink and yellow poster showing different uses of punctuation


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10.    Shapes Poster

Learning basic shapes is an essential maths lesson. Make it easier for kids to visualise each shape by hanging this educational poster on your classroom wall. The poster shows common 2D and 3D shapes, making it a great option for a range of age groups.

Poster design showing various 2D and 3D shapes


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How to Use Our Free Educational Classroom Wall Poster Designs

Once you’ve chosen which UK classroom poster you’d like to print from this page, click the download now link. Then head over to our poster printing page and pick which size you'd like to print. Once you're happy with your selection, add it to your basket.

Follow our printing journey and we’ll guide you through the rest of the journey, including uploading your chosen design.

We recommend getting these educational posters for teaching printed on A2 size 170gsm silk. This is an affordable option with a slight sheen that makes colours pop. 

If you’d like some more help with your primary school learning wall posters, or if you want to suggest some more poster ideas to our team, feel free to get in touch.


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