Customer Showcase: Agrumia

Customer Showcase: Agrumia

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15 May 2019

Here at instantprint, we pour all of our passion into helping our customers grow with print that makes them look amazing. That’s why we love hearing about our customers’ journeys, what makes them unique and how they use print to reach their audience. This week we caught up with Frank, Founder of Agrumia – a brand which specialises in a wide range of Italian delicacies 



  1. Tell us a little about Agrumia - what makes it unique?

    Agrumia was born for the production of Limoncello with an artisanal liqueur laboratory in the beautiful territory of Ravello, on the Amalfi Coast. The aim was to recreate the ancient recipes of Italian tradition, starting with liqueurs and then expanding into a series of delicatessen products – with a core focus on the Amalfi coast and citrus fruits. 

    I later found Agrumia online, which I use to promote the brand on the market globally. As a chef with over 20 years of experience in the food industry, working around the globe, I was able to select some of the best product Italy produced. This was thanks to superior quality, products rich in tradition, and modern techniques (that never compromise standards). It is from that knowledge and know-how that Agrumia is able to provide superior products at reasonable prices. 

    The brand has thus significantly moved beyond the liqueurs and Amalfi-only products to offer a wide range of Italian delicacies with passion and quality at the forefront.
  2. What inspired you to start up?

    I spent over two decades in the food industry as an Italian Executive Chef, covering a variety of different roles. This meant I truly perfected the research and delivery of the finest cuisine.

    Only after these years of experience in sourcing only the best products, I decided to branch out and strive to provide these products to a broader public. After all, it wouldn’t have been fair to keep such great knowledge only within a close circle of people since I was aware of what clientele from across the globe desired.
  3. What print do you use and how do you use them?

    We use a huge range of printed products, from roller banners to advertising flyers, business cards and packaging labels. We go through thousands of printing material per year, considering that we are constantly growing. Just like our products, quality of print is another key factor in choosing our marketing materials.

  4. What made you choose these print products and what results have you seen?

    Printing is essential for anyone who is doing business, it always has been. In my case, it gives me an opportunity to focus on a particular product or idea, and get customer reaction on it. Overall it's working really well for me. As a matter of fact, I do have some more ideas in this respect for the near future...
  5. How do you make customers feel special?

    I strongly believe in the golden rule (i.e. treat others as you would want to be treated). The only thing I'd like the customer to be surprised of is when they open their parcel and see the extra treat I have added to their order!

  6. If you could give a business starting out a top tip, what would it be?

    Stick with your idea, have a clear aim, and most importantly, have the necessary knowledge about the product you want to sell.
  7. How did you find the instantprint experience?

    Lifesaving. Easy to use, great customer service, and last but not least, very competitive prices.

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