Client Spotlight: ttagz

Client Spotlight: ttagz

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31 Mar 2023

For this client spotlight, we’ve been busy catching up with ttagz, the world’s first UGC tool for hospitality. 

Beginning in a pub, founders Will Yates and James Laden saw a common problem. Venues were struggling to get noticed on social media, despite providing excellent service and products!

Leveraging the power of user-generated content, ttagz was born.


Tell us about your business! What’s your mission? 

At ttagz, our mission is to revolutionise the way that businesses connect with new or existing customers. Traditional marketing methods can feel impersonal and inauthentic, especially with the rise of influencer and professional content. This is why we've created a B2B web application and 360 social media marketing solution for hospitality that encourages user-generated content With ttagz, businesses can offer incentives like freebies and discounts to customers who create and share content in their venue. This not only increases engagement but also provides businesses with valuable data and insights that can be used to improve the overall customer experience.

We believe that real people with small but intimate followings are the key to creating organic and relevant content. Our team is passionate about helping businesses connect with their customers in a more meaningful way, and we're constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve.

What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

Our main challenge has been introducing our innovative technology to the market. There is no other company out there like ours, (trust me, we’ve checked). This can make it difficult for businesses to fully grasp the benefits of user-generated content.

To overcome this challenge, we’ve taken a proactive approach in educating our clients about the value of UGC. We provide them with case studies and success stories that demonstrate the positive impact it can have on customer engagement and brand image. We also integrate our technology into our managed marketing solution for businesses that struggle to manage their own accounts. 


Which print products have you found marketing success with?

We have found that the most effective print products for marketing our technology vary depending on the location and the type of business. For hospitality, we have had success with A6 table talkers, as they allow businesses to convey important information about how to use our technology and the rewards that customers can expect to receive.

When it comes to events, entertainment, and e-commerce, we have found that stickers of various sizes are the way to go. These stickers can be placed in prominent locations around the venue, and can be accompanied by a poster that primes people to look out for the sticker QR code. This allows customers to easily scan the code and access our technology, whether they are at an event, browsing an e-commerce site, or enjoying a night out.

We’ve found that the key to successful print marketing is to tailor the product to the specific needs of the business and the location. By using a combination of table talkers, stickers and posters, we’ve been able to effectively promote our technology and drive engagement with our clients.


How do you make your customers feel special?

We have prioritised building strong relationships with our clients, listening to their feedback and continuously improving ttagz to meet their needs. We truly want to work closely with our businesses and understand their unique challenges so that we can create a better product.


What are your top print tips for other businesses in your industry?

Check, double-check, and check again!


Why do you choose to print with instantprint?

instantprint were the clear choice for us. We have consistently recommended them to our clients due to their excellent quality and speedy production. Their production team has been extremely helpful in troubleshooting any design issues that have arisen, and they have even saved us money by pointing out mistakes that we may have missed!


What’s one piece of advice you’d give yourself starting out? 

Looking back on our journey, the one piece of advice I would give myself when starting out is to test the concept with a simpler platform before investing in more complex technology. When we first started out, we built an app, but after extensive trial and error, we realised that the technology worked better as a web-application.

If we had tested the concept on a less complicated platform from the outset, we would have been able to quickly identify the best solution and avoid the investment in building an app. This would have saved us time and resources that could have been better spent on refining our core product.

Overall, my advice to anyone starting out in a new venture is to thoroughly test your concept on a simpler platform before committing to more complex technology. This will help you to identify the best solution quickly and avoid costly mistakes in the long run.


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