Client Spotlight: LEW Electrical Distributors

Client Spotlight: LEW Electrical Distributors

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08 May 2024

What is your business name and how long have you been in business?

We’re LEW Electrical Distributors, we’re an independent electrical wholesaler supplying wholesale electrical supplies and services.


What products do you order from instantprint?

We’ve been ordering from instantprint for over 3 years now, we tend to order posters, flyers, business cards and stapled booklets.

We do a quarterly magazine that is 16 pages that we send to customers, so stapled booklets are a must. For flyers, posters and business cards, these are used both outside our business and inside to help us with our marketing and advertising as well as internal communications.


Why do you choose to order print products over digital marketing?

We use a combination of print products to hand out and distribute. We find that print is perfect for going into deliveries to create a more personalised touch and it’s extra exposure for our brand and what we’re promoting.


How has instantprint supported you as a business?

Our Account Manager is ever so helpful. If we’re trying something new and different, he’ll help us generate more ideas and always ensures that we’re doing things in the most cost-effective way.  He’ll also help with suggestions - from the best paperweight to finishing combinations, I’ve had an amazing experience throughout using instantprint!


Why do you choose to use instantprint over other printers?

Our favourite thing about ordering from instantprint is having direct contact and quick responses and turnarounds. We also love the competitive pricing and thanks to having an Account Manager, he’s really reactive, helping us get stuff quicker if needs be. Having someone I can directly contact helps so much.


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