Client Spotlight: Dogs Trust

Client Spotlight: Dogs Trust

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08 May 2024

What is your business name and how long have you been in business?

We’re Dogs Trust, a British animal welfare charity and humane society which specialises in the well-being of dogs. We’re the largest dog welfare charity in the United Kingdom, caring for over 15,000 animals each year and we’ve been around for over 130 years!


What products do you order from instantprint?

We tend to order mainly leaflets, posters, banners - promotional print to form part of various campaigns across the UK!


Why do you choose to order print products over digital marketing?

We’ve always chosen print over digital marketing at events as it's they’re perfect for handing out, a lot of our owners and supporters are of an older generation so we considered that they might not want everything digitally, instead we love to use print and digital side by side. We like to use QR codes to help people find out more, but also love having a hard copy to hand out.


Has print played an important part in your business success?

Print has definitely played a part in our business success, from an advertising perspective and brand awareness. 


Why do you choose to use instantprint over other printers?

Initially, when we were looking at costs you came out on top, the quality of your products has always been really good, the prices are competitive and the service is always quick and helpful.


What’s your favourite thing about ordering from instantprint?

I feel that the relationship we’ve built and the account managers have always been helpful and always on hand. Nothing is ever too much to ask.


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