instantprint Helps Schoolboy Print Charity Comic Book

instantprint Helps Schoolboy Print Charity Comic Book

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11 Dec 2019

You may have seen that instantprint has made headlines in the news recently after receiving an adorable handwritten letter from a young boy with a brilliant idea to help raise money for the homeless. 

Ethan Welsh, a schoolboy from Altrincham, wrote to our very own Co-Founders, James and Adam, here at instantprint HQ, asking them to print his Splatoon-themed comic book to raise money for charity. His lovely letter said that the pair seemed like nice men who might help, and we would have to agree with this wise assumption; they were more than happy to lend a hand. 

The talented eight-year-old included his homemade comic along with his letter, which we all took great delight in flicking through. The comic is based on the iconic Splatoon video games, and his imaginative story and sketches were great fun to read. We’ve all been so impressed with Ethan’s creative flair and attention to detail at such a young age. 

The letter read: “Me and my brother love comics and drawing Splatoon pictures. I also want to help people who have no home and will be cold this winter.

"I have made my own comics to sell to my friends and family and raise money for the homeless people. I know you two are nice men so I hope you can print my comics please.”

When Ethan found out what we do here at instantprint and that we could turn his designs into a reality, he wanted to send us his comics to be printed so that he could sell them at his school. He hopes that the money raised from family and friends can help the people he has seen sleeping on the streets. 

Ethan even included £3 with the letter to contribute towards printing, giving up his pocket money to bring his brilliant idea to life. We were more than happy to help such a great cause and have printed 50 copies of the comic book and of course, returned the pocket money safely back to the sender in support of the charitable cause. 

An estimated 320,000 people are homeless in the UK, and the brutal winter conditions can have devastating consequences. It is amazing to see a young boy with such a big heart taking initiative to fundraise for such an important cause and we were happy to get behind him. 

If you’d like to buy a copy of the comic or make a donation, please email


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