Business Showcase: Sakkara Consulting LTD

Business Showcase: Sakkara Consulting LTD

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12 Jun 2018

Tell us a little about your business – what makes it unique?

Hey there! My name’s Rick and I’m the owner of Sakkara Consulting LTD. My company is all about helping travellers overcome their fear of flying. For example, I was talking to a chap this morning that really hates turbulence. I could tell him about the science but it’s my job as a councillor to help him understand how the mind works and give him the mental techniques and tools to manage his flight-related anxiety.  


What inspired you to start up?

Well, I’m a retired pilot and a qualified counsellor. I’ve flown planes for over 45 years and made multiple connections and friends over the years. One lady I met in particular was terrified of flying and through talking to her and helping explain the science behind turbulence, I helped her overcome her fear of flying. With my retirement approaching she advised, “You really ought to do this, you’re very good at it,” and that’s how Sakkara Consulting was born!


What print products do you use and how do you use them?

Well, I had already bought some Business Cards and was happy with the service at instantprint so I when I needed Flyers I decided to use instantprint again.


How come you choose to use Business Cards and Flyers?

Everyone uses Business Cards, particularly when networking. I’ve found that when using business cards, people often follow up after events. I purchased Business Cards so I could give people my contact details and I think it’s the easiest way to share details to be honest.


What results have you seen from your print? Has there been any benefits your business has had as a direct result?

The printed products I have ordered have really helped get the word out about my business and, in the beginning, really helped launch my business. The Leaflets I ordered in particular do a great job at raising awareness and getting across to potential clients my unique selling points.


Why do you think your products do a good job at achieving your business goals?

A Business Card shows you mean business. I find Flyers are all about reminding prospect customers and backing up the services that you’ve pitched to them.

When I've spoken to potential clients and pointed out the various ways I can help them manage their anxiety, I’ll give them a Flyer with an overview of information on. The information includes how I can help people overcome their fear, the prices I offer and more about my history and qualifications. My Flyers are designed to help build on that customer relationship I’m beginning to form with them. I truly believe that people buy from people, especially in my industry, so it’s important to understand how your customers want to be communicated to.

What stock options did you go for and how did you find it worked for you?

I went for the 150gsm C-fold, Folded Leaflets. I know I might be biased as the Leaflet is my design, but the artwork has turned out really good. The quality of the Leaflet, I think, is excellent. The print is beautifully pressed, the colours have turned out really nice and the fold is perfect. As a whole, I think the Leaflets look quite classy. I’ve used instantprint for a number of years and have always received consistent quality.


How did you find the whole instantprint experience?

I found the instantprint website really easy to use. I’m not a graphic designer but I feel that personally, the website is really clear as to what is required from artwork files when sending them on to print.

It’s also great to know that if I have any questions or if I’m uncertain about anything, there’s a customer advisor at the end of the phone that understands what I’m trying to achieve.

Did our Studio Team flag any issues when you had submitted your artwork?

I looked at my proofs online and no one encountered any issues with my print. It’s good to know that if there are any issues, it would be brought to my attention as it’s clear that instantprint cares about what their customers receive.

Have you ever chatted to our Customer Service team? What did you think?

I have contacted customer services a few times in the past to ask questions regarding design templates on the instantprint website. The last time I emailed customer services was on a Bank Holiday Monday and that was followed up with a phone call from a girl shortly after who I had spoken to before. I received my order Tuesday (the next day) around 12 o’clock even though it was a Bank Holiday and I fully expected a backlog. I was really blown away by the fast turnaround of the products.


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