Business Showcase: Corozon

Business Showcase: Corozon

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12 Jun 2018

What is the name of your business and what industry are you in?

The name of my business is Corozon and, primarily, we’re a data centre consultancy. But, I haven’t just ordered print for my business; I love instantprint so much, I’ve also ordered print for the local gardeners club!


What inspired you to start up?

Oh crumbs! There’s a really good question! Well I suppose the honest answer to that is that data centre consultancy is a niche business, where there isn’t much competition and it’s also a subject matter that I happen to know a lot about.


What print products do you use and how do you use them?

Oh that’s another really good question! In terms of print products, the main products I find myself ordering are Business Cards, Brochures and occasionally Leaflets. I use these to meet the marketing requirements of the company. This could be a for whole range of things like building awareness of Corozon or just making sure people have all the information about the services that we offer. I would say I get the most from Flyers when they’re used as part of a referral campaign.


Why did you chose to use Business Cards and Flyers?  

I use Business Cards purely for networking purposes. I think they’re an absolute essential item for all business owners. I carry Business Cards everywhere. Your occupation comes up in so many conversations on a daily basis and having a Business Card to hand ensures that you never miss an opportunity.

I think that Flyers are fantastic, especially in my industry. It’s an industry where 99% of your work comes from recommendations. Having Flyers to give to clients that have referral instructions on and information of how the professionals they’re recommending can get involved with Corozon, has really worked for my business.


What results have you seen from your printed products? What benefits has your business had as a direct result?

I’d say, in general, it’s all about having a wider brand awareness. Brand awareness is all about first impressions. You only get one chance to make a first impression so it’s important that what you’re sending to print is going to resonate with your target audience. If people have your marketing and they’re in need of your services, you’re the business that they’re going to think of first.


Why do you think your products do a good job of achieving your business goals?

I believe it’s because they’re extremely good quality and they say exactly what I need them to say! One tip I’ve picked up is: when you’re planning out the content for your marketing products, you have to give enough information about your services to intrigue customers but not too much that there’s no need to enquire further.


What stock options did you use and how did you find it worked for you?

I always invest in the thicker stock options. I think, like anything, you get out of something what you put into it so for me the quality of the products contributes a huge amount to the overall success. When people see that you’ve got a quality printed product representing your business, it gives the impression of good quality in general. 


How have you found buying print on our website?

Generally speaking I think that the website is very, very good. I think what’s nice about instantprint and what differentiates it from other online print websites is that you can really easily find the right products, papers sizes and paper weight. Unlike competitors and ecommerce sites in general, when you click a product you’re not automatically placed into buying the top range or even a mid-range, more costly option. At instantprint, you start at the price they’re advertising at and if you want to upgrade as you go that’s your choice.

Did one of our Personal Artworkers flag any issues when you had submitted your artwork? What do you think of the 10 point check system?

A Personal Artworker did actually flag an issue on one occasion. There was an issue with transparency on one of my products which they happily helped me resolve. I think it’s amazing that with every order you get a Personal Artworker’s support as standard and, on this occasion, my PA contacted me on a Bank Holiday and my order arrived ahead of time!


If you had to contact Customer Services about anything you were unsure of, what was your enquiry and how did you find the team?

I have contacted Customer Services in the past. I find the teams really understanding and helpful. I must say that the support from the Customer Service Team and Personal Artworkers is the reason that instantprint is my preferred printer.


About the Author

Hi! I’m Laura and I’m the Head of instantprint. I’m dedicated to using my experience to help small businesses make the most out of their marketing.