Presentation Folder Printing Design Inspiration

Presentation Folder Printing Design Inspiration

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25 Oct 2018


Got a big corporate meeting coming up and need a professional way to store all your documents? Or maybe you’re attending a networking event and want a handy way of sharing multiple business communications? Presentation folders are a great way of keeping yourself organised in a professional environment. However, when you’re designing your own presentation folders for your small business, there are a few questions you’ll probably ask yourself along the way:

  • Should I include my company logo? And if so, where?
  • What are some subtle, professional ways I can make my presentation folder stand out?
  • Should my business card design match my presentation folder?
  • How affordable is online printing for presentation folders?
  • What information should I include about my business?

From sleek and professional to fun and quirky, there are so many design options available. To help make your decision that little bit easier, we’ve gathered our favourite presentation folder designs to help inspire your own print creations.


  1. Create a Professional Finish with Spot UV

(Source: From Up North)

Adding a layer of spot UV to your cover is a great way of kicking your presentation folder design up a notch. Spot UV creates a shiny, raised effect on top of your design, making your print marketing materials feel extra special.

Touch (our haptic sense) plays such an important role in memory and creating a lasting emotional connection. We feel different emotions depending on what we touch – think silk sheets, cosy blankets. That’s why we prefer thicker paper stocks and unique finishes, like spot UV. The more weight and texture your presentation folder has, the more likely potential customers and clients are to take you and your business seriously.

The best thing about spot UV? It can be as OTT or subtle as you like, and as your brand style allows. Use it to highlight your logo and important text or go all out (like the example above) and create an all-encompassing pattern with it.


  1. Make the Most of the Space

(Source: Behance)

Ever heard the phrase ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts’? With presentation folders, the outside matters just as much! Especially if you’re handing them away as welcome/information packs and media kits at events. You want people to want to open your presentation folder.

The Michigan League for Human Services presentation folder (pictured above) uses a map of the state of Michigan to appeal to its local target market. Matched with the slogan, ‘A Road Map to Opportunity and Prosperity’, this design cleverly uses ALL the space available to show how large of an area the business is helping.


  1. Match Your Brand Style

(Source: Behance)

This promotional folder uses Hershey’s signature product of chocolate to tempt readers in. The gradient of dark to light brown highlights the brand’s iconic logo and also creates a high-shine illusion. This would make a great press kit to hand out to guests at and event – just like a chocolate bar, we’d love to unwrap this presentation folder and get to the good stuff inside!

If you have a signature product that’d make an interesting background for your presentation folder design, then go for it! This style lends itself well to businesses in the food and drinks industry, but you could definitely get creative and apply it to other kinds of businesses too.


  1. Organise Yourself in the Office

(Source: Pinterest)

There’s always one colleague who keeps loose sheets of paper just hanging around their desk drawers ready to go missing… it’s you, right? Improving organisation skills is something we could all work on, and having a custom presentation folder makes it a lot easier. You’d also be setting a great example for other colleagues by showing them best practice.

And if you need to present something to clients? You’ve got everything you need in your folder. You look the part of a small business owner, and you’ll be taken so much more seriously for it.

This folder would make a great addition to any branded business stationery set, due to its oversized spine. There’s plenty of room for important documents, your business card and even a small notebook. Or pop your promotional materials like flyers and leaflets in and you’ve got an exhibition-ready promotional kit to hand out!


  1. Match Your Other Marketing Tools

(Source: Behance)

Our favourite thing about this presentation folder design? They’ve matched all of their marketing materials. The fun and quirky style doesn’t detract from the professionalism created with this presentation folder (and the rest); it adds to it because everything – from the notebook to the business cards – goes together.

The key to designing your own presentation folder is finding a way to show your brand personalities at the same time. If you’ve had no previous contact with the customers and clients who you’re handing this out to, they’ll be making snap judgements about your business based on what your print looks like. That’s why you’ve got to create something that’s 100% you!


  1. Keep it Simple

(Source: Behance)

Presentation folders make great welcome packs for any new starters at your business. But you don’t want to overwhelm them by giving them too much information all at once. We love BlackBerry’s presentation folder design because it’s simple – you know exactly what it is at a glance and you know the kind of information that’s going to be inside it.

If you’ve just begun the recruitment process for your own business, a welcome pack is essential. You need to know that your new employees will have all the important info they need to be able to hit the ground running.


By taking inspiration from these fantastic designs, you’ll have a few more ideas for creating your own custom presentation folders. We’d love to see what you come up with – show us your print creations on social media by tagging us @instantprintuk or #instantprintuk for a chance to featured!



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