10 Memorable Examples of Correx® by Corplex Signage

10 Memorable Examples of Correx® by Corplex Signage

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07 Nov 2019

Correx® by Corplex sign printing is a great option for any indoor or outdoor temporary signage. These fluted plastic boards are made from corrugated polypropylene, making it lightweight, waterproof and affordable – what’s not to love? 

To get the most out of yourCorrex® by Corplex board printing, you’ll need a design with the wow-factor! Here are 10 unforgettable Correx® by Corplex sign examples to help inspire your own and show you all the awesome ways you can use this type of signage for events, promotions and more.

  1. Wedding Boards and Signs

    Correx® by Corplex sign boards are great for single use events like weddings. This is one of our customer’s designs for a wedding ceremony. Fitted perfectly to an easel, this custom Correx® by Corplex board design incorporates the wedding theme colours perfectly and the welcome message is perfect for setting the tone of the ceremony for guests.
    wedding sign printed on correx


  2. Estate Agent For Sale Signs

    A3 Correx® by Corplex signs are the most popular type of sign for estate agent for sale signs, like the one above, in residential areas because they’re easy to attach to sign posts, they’re weatherproof and you can print them double sided to attract eyes from both directions. 

    Using bright colours like red and yellow can help make the sign stand out on the street and grab attention from potential house buyers. For industrial properties, you could even attach large format A2 or A1 Correx® by Corplex signs to the warehouse or offices for sale.
    red and yellow estate agent for sale sign on a correx board

    (Saltwater Media)

  3. Promote Your Sale

    Sales don’t last forever, which means temporary signage is a must. We love how in this example the retailer has fixed the red sale sign to a coat hanger, making it even easier to see which clothing rack to go if you’re hunting for a bargain! The biggest fonts on the sign are the SALE and how much customers can get off – the key pieces of information they’ll be looking out for.
    red sales sign for a retail store on a correx board

    (Fixtures Close Up)

  4. Temporary Directional Signs

    These Correx® by Corplex arrow signs were installed around the city to encourage more residents and visitors to walk to some of the landmarks and other destinations they might otherwise not visit. Correx® by Corplex sheet is an easy material to punch holes in, so this signage option is great for attaching to lamp and sign posts.

     Using numbers, like ‘just a 7 minute walk away’ along with the directional arrow shows visitors which direction to go in and how far the walk is, making routes they possibly aren’t aware or confident of easily accessible.
    directional signs in a town using a blue correx sign

    (CDD Topics)

  5. Warn of Upcoming Changes

    Short term messages, such as warnings of upcoming changes, are best printed on Correx® by Corplex because as well as being a strong corrugated plastic, it’s also cheap and easy to recycle when used. This sign uses a clear, sans serif font and includes official logos of the companies behind the sign to convey the urgency of the message.
    temporary car park sign

    (Sevenoaks Rail Travellers Association)

  6. Baby Shower Decorations

    As well as outdoor signage, Correx® by Corplex signs are equally as eye-catching indoors! And this utterly lovely baby shower sign board is a fantastic example of that. Fluted board is extremely lightweight, so it’s easy to transport it to different events and assemble it upon arrival. This design uses an ever-popular rainforest theme that’s perfect for a gender-neutral baby shower party.
    baby shower correx sign design


  7. Signs for Events and Festivals

    Festivals are another massive event for Correx® by Corplex signs because it’s the cheapest and easiest way to give information about things like parking, street closures and directions. This design uses bright summer colours and bunting to create an unmissable notice for residents of the town letting them know in advance the plans for road closures for the festival and where to find more information on the event.
    colourful festival sign design

    (Kington Festival)

  8. Food Vendor Signs

    Food vendor prices change all the time depending on price of ingredients and demand, making Correx® by Corplex the perfect choice for shouting about your latest offerings. Whether it’s a fair, festival or food market, attaching Correx® by Corplex signs to your stand is a great way of enticing passers by because they increase your presence tenfold. 

    These two signs show the most exciting things on the vendor’s menu, which are probably their unique selling points, and this helps to highlight to customers some of the business’s unmissable deals and experiences on offer.
    event food vendor sign on correx board

    (True Foodie Sound Bites)

  9. Menu Boards

    Although this example of a menu board is being used at a party, this would work just as impressively in a coffee shop, pop up restaurant or drinks bar. With sizes ranging up to A0, large menu boards are really a possibility with Correx® by Corplex. The cute illustrations used on this board show four different ways of making s’mores using the ingredients below, which is a really fun and visual way of using a Correx® by Corplex sign.
    smores party board sign on correx

    (Amy's Party Ideas)

  10. Hanging Ceiling Signs

    Last but definitely not least, fluted plastic Correx® by Corplex is a superb option for signs that hang from the ceiling. Its lightweight material removes it as a safety hazard and also means it’s easy to hang. The example below uses the business’s branding perfectly (as matched by the roller banner), meaning it’s not just a bland sign giving directions on where to check in. Why not take inspiration and jazz up your own Correx® by Corplex signs with your brand colours, logo and fonts?
    office indoor correx sign hanging from the ceiling

    (Launch Sunday)

We hope these 10 memorable Correx® by Corplex sign examples are just the thing to get you inspired! Itching to create your own but don’t have a graphic design team behind you? Check out our free Correx® by Corplex sign templates and start designing online. 

If you still need help deciding on what kind of sign or size you need, please contact our team.



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