What Are The Benefits of Email Marketing?

30/03/2016 09:54:39

What Are The Benefits of Email Marketing?

Is your business on the email marketing train yet? If not, jump on board! It’s already utilised by thousands of businesses around the world and the benefits to using it are huge.

If you’re unfamiliar with email marketing, it’s a quick and easy method of promoting your services directly to your electronic mailing list. You can use it to promote anything from your products and offers to your new campaigns and latest news. It’s a great way to encourage both new and repeat business and to build on brand loyalty by keeping your customers in the loop.

Let us talk you through the benefits…

  1. It’s super easy to create

You don’t need a huge team of designers or years of technical experience to create a successful email campaign (whoop!). All you really need is someone who can write engaging copy, eye-catching imagery and access to an email building platform such as Mail Chimp. Easy breezy!

  1. It’s inexpensive  

If email marketing proves anything, it’s that marketing your business doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Some email platforms like Mail Chimp are free to sign up and if you choose to continue using them you’ll be looking at an average monthly cost of just £20 - £35; on the cheapest plans it's essentially free business advertising! When compared to channels such television, magazines or newspapers, email marketing costs very little. To encourage your customers to sign up for emails, you could offer a small discount or deal such as 10% off their next purchase. It doesn’t have to cost much and it’s often worth it for the incremental sales you’ll gain in the long run.

  1. It targets the right audience

Email marketing is beneficial by directly targeting people who are interested in your brand. Once a consumer has signed up to receive emails, you’re safe in the knowledge that they want to hear from you and you can work on building brand loyalty by sending out personalised, relevant, segmented messages. This can help to strengthen your customer relationships and can ultimately lead to higher revenue. Score!

  1. It’s easy to share

If a subscriber is excited by your latest email, they can easily forward it on or share it with their friends. Not many other marketing channels have this level of immediacy. The content of your email can also be integrated into other platforms, such as social media. This would not only help to strengthen the outcome of your email, but it would also increase the chance of it being shared with a new audience.

  1. It’s timely

With email marketing, you can time it so that you reach your audience when they’re most interested, engaged and ready to hear from you. Have they just bought from you? Send them a thank you! Have they recently searched for something specific but didn’t make the purchase? Remind them what they’re missing! It’s also a great idea to plan campaigns to coincide with the likes of news stories, public holidays or big film releases; anything that would spur interest within the public. With most people using smartphones now, email marketing is likely to reach consumers instantly, anywhere in the world. This allows your small business to stay relevant and engaged and keeps you fresh in the mind of your audience.

  1. It’s easy to measure

The best thing about email marketing is that it’s really easy to find out what works and what doesn’t. All email marketing platforms include a way of tracking opens and click-through rates, so you’ll soon get to know which emails your customers want to read and which ones end up in the trash folder! With this knowledge you can tailor your upcoming emails and refine the messages you put out to subscribers to make sure they stay invested in your brand.

So there you have it! Email marketing really is a quick and easy way to spread the word about your brand. As long as you have the basics right, there’s loads to gain from reaching out to your audience directly through their online mailbox!