The Talk on Table Talkers

22/10/2015 10:07:17

The Talk on Table Talkers

The term Table Talker is a little unknown to many people (I’d certainly never heard of them until working in the print industry) but they can actually be an unsung hero to boost your marketing. Your promotions do not have to end once the customer is in the door, carry on telling them how fabulous you are once they have arrived.

Think about it, how many times have you been queuing patiently in a shop or waiting for your order of large nachos (ok…just me then) and your eyes wonder to what is all around you. Capture those wondering eyes and give your customers something to look at.

One customer who did just that was Janine from South Street Café who used table talkers for her artisan ice cream brand. This local café is regarded as a ’hub of the community’ and their ice-cream has become so popular that they recently went wholesale.


Whether it’s a shop, restaurant or bar, a table talker can raise awareness of other products, services or offers that your customer may not have previously known about. You have done the hard bit by gaining that valuable customer so why not give them a reason to come back.

These standalone printed tools have three sides so there is plenty of room to sell yourself and with three sizes available, the choice is yours.

Have you used table talkers in an unusual way? Let us know in the comments below.