The Psychology Behind Stickers

09/06/2015 13:33:07

The Psychology Behind Stickers

Kids have always loved stickers, from the Panini sticker book to a reward for being brave at the dentist’s, something about them just makes kids want more. But why? What is it about a sticker that makes kids go crazy for them?

Stickers can be an instant way to make something look more visually appealing, and with bright colours and patterns they can be exciting to look at. It can be fun to peel one off the paper and place it somewhere new.

Reward charts are also of major interest for children. Often kids will do something they don’t want to if they know a reward is coming following the chore or activity – such as a sticker on their chart which they can show off to other family members.

This love for sticky paper does not just apply to children, many grown-ups will find it difficult to deny that they love stickers too. It could be argued that stickers are a way of preserving our inner child and that is why we find ourselves wanting to collect them in our adult life.

So, how can you as a business tap into this love of stickers and apply it?

Raising brand awareness when you are a new business can be difficult, but stickers can be a cheap and effective way to promote your message and what you do. Handing these out as part of a promotional pack or to customers who make a purchase can mean your brand is getting out there. 


Design your own stickers and use a punchy catchphrase or clever image to get them noticed, or use a few different shaped stickers to offer a variety of choice.

If you are looking for ways to use stickers in your business, here is our top five guide to the best uses of stickers to inspire you:

  1. Collect stickers for a prize

    While the idea may be simple, collecting stickers in order to receive a prize can be a great way of establishing customer loyalty and retention. Use small rectangle or square stickers with your company logo so customers can recognise your brand.

  1. Using stickers to seal your products

    Whether you are a shop or an online company, printing stickers which can be used to seal up your products can give your business an edge. They can add a sense of identity to a customer purchase as well as reinforce your brand.

  1. Stickers can be used to make the sale

    If you are planning a buy-one-get-one-free event or similar, you can use brightly coloured stickers to draw customers’ eyes to the promotion. Printing stickers which feature the promotion can create a sense of urgency and should drive more sales.

  1. Use stickers to encourage staff

    While stickers may be a great way to spread your brand message, you could use these as a way of keeping your own staff motivated. Using stickers for when a member of staff gets a sale and applying this to a leader board, for example, could encourage healthy competition in the workplace and boost productivity.

  1. Stickers can save time

    Businesses are always looking for ways to be efficient and save time where they can. Why not print stickers containing your company’s name and contact details to stick at the top of letters etc. to save time having to type or write these out.

Tip: You can print your company logo onto small circle stickers and place these on envelopes, letters and even postcards to send to customers or clients.