Stationery – an extension of your brand

09/06/2015 11:12:07

Stationery – an extension of your brand

Making a visual investment in your brand will see you reap the rewards later down the line. Your brand should be inspiring and relevant to your market, and most of all it should be carried across the entire company.

Using your everyday stationery is an easy and effective way to promote your brand’s message and ethos. Ranging from letterheads and labels, to pens and pencils, using an innovative design on all your stationery not only adds to your professional appearance, but the impression you make within the market place

Here are our rules for giving your stationery some much-needed brand personality.

1)    Make it inspiring

The first rule of thumb is to make your business stationery branding eye-catching and solid – it needs to mirror your brand philosophy perfectly. Each item should stick to a uniform design, to keep a degree of consistency for your brand. Whilst you need to make your stationery reflect your brand, using unusual typefaces and layouts may hamper the message you are trying to convey – remember the aim is to look modern and professional, not overcrowded and messy.

2)    Don’t limit yourself

Applying your branding to a wide variety of stationery products gives you the opportunity to explore a wider range of promotional avenues. Think about how, and in which direction, you can expand your stationery offering to benefit your business and your customers. Pens or notepads are more likely to be looked at regularly than a business card, so will be more effective at keeping your business in your customers’ minds.

3)    Consider the product type

You may find that you don’t need all of your stationery elements to be branded, but the ones you do choose should support your business message, not confuse it. The best way to make your selection is by thinking about your customer - what are they most likely to use, look at or find functional? For example, choosing to add branding to your pens may be more influential than on your envelopes, as the customer will use the pen on a regular basis, whereas the envelope would be thrown out once opened.

4)    Keep it consistent

With stationery products, it’s important to follow your brand’s identity and let it flow throughout your marketing materials. Re-purposing your copy to reflect your chosen marketing material will see a more successful rate of engagement, but keeping your stationery in line with the rest of your products is a must to maintain consistency of your brand image.

5)    Communicate a subtle message

All items of stationery should only host information that will be of use to your customer. Overly cluttered designs and a heavy use of text can confuse people, and lead them to question your professionalism and expertise. Keep your brand message concise, then create a design to suit your chosen stationery.

With the right amount of consideration for your customer, and enough flair in your design, you could find the business benefits more than justify the expense of additional stationery.   


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