Perilous Print: What Not To Do With Banners

20/09/2016 11:53:28

Perilous Print: What Not To Do With Banners

So you’ve designed a cracking PVC banner to promote your business, message or service – great, you’re one step closer to marketing success!


The next step is to figuring out what to do with your banner. We suggest hanging it on a wall or attaching it to a fence. You could even pop it up at your next trade show to pull in those punters! Whatever you use it for, the handling of a banner is typically a safe activity, and that’s just how we like it - safety first! What we don’t recommend, no matter how ambitious you are, is to participate in any of the following risky business…

Infographic.jpg (2)

So now you know – play it safe and stick to the conventional ways to use a banner. Don’t be a hero. Let your banner fulfil its one true purpose. Besides, an exhibition stand would make a way better raft!


Disclaimer: No banners were hurt during the making of this infographic.

Disclaimer 2: Please don’t use an exhibition stand as a raft.