How to Fine Tune Your Brand

15/01/2016 15:32:10

How to Fine Tune Your Brand

You’ve got your small business set up, your logo has been lovingly designed but what’s the next step in terms of your branding? Here’s our top tips to fine tune your branding…

Consistency is key

Whether you use posters to market a new product or social media to engage with potential clients, make sure the look and the feel of your brand is consistent across all channels both online and offline. Every time a potential customer comes into contact with your company, from the flashiest website to the simplest stickers, they’re experiencing your brand.

Key elements to think about here are fonts (including ones you use for headers and ones you use for main text), colour schemes, image styles and tone of voice, which brings us nicely to our next point…

Think about your Tone of Voice

Many businesses use tone of voice to further accentuate the values behind their brand. Tone of voice covers everything you say, whether that’s product descriptions on your website or social media responses direct to customers. The way you say things and the language you use really gives the audience a sense of your personality, and when done well, it can really make you stand out as a brand.

Brush up your correspondence

Every touch point you have with your customers needs to be scrutinised, this even includes the less exciting stuff like invoices you send out or handwritten notes that are sent with your products. Make sure the way they are written and the colours used tie in with your brand . Having everything consistent will not only solidify your brand but it will also make people familiar with your business if they see your marketing in different locations.

Do your research

A huge part of any brand is identifying why you’re different from your competitors. Whether you are giving your brand a refresh or you’re starting from scratch, look at everything your competitor does including email promotions, social media activity, press coverage – even try their service yourself if you can! By doing this, you can really define what makes your business different and tie this in with your brand image to resonate with your target audience. Don’t try to create a brand for everyone as this will dilute your offering. Instead, find your specialty and target the specific audience.

Don’t waste social media as an opportunity

If you’re present on social media a lot, avoid talking about things that are not relevant or that don’t enhance your brand. Instead, opt for things that add to your brand personality. Imagine your brand is a person with its own social media account- what would that person post about? What articles or videos would they share? What do they feel their followers would get from the content they post? Viewing it in this way can help to keep your social content streamlined and relevant to your brand values. Whatever you do, don’t ever post for posting’s sake! Even if you only post a few times a week, it’s better than producing drabble two or three times a day! Your followers will be more inclined to stay loyal to your page if your content is fresh and interesting.

So there you have it- when you want to make a dent in your industry, fine tuning your branding is vital! Let us know how you get on and don’t forget to share any tips you have too!