How to Build Your Banner

09/06/2015 11:49:35

How to Build Your Banner

When you’re attending an event to promote your business, few props are as eye-catching as a personalised roller banner. It’s a great tool to capture the attention of both potential new customers and existing contacts.


A good custom banner will help communicate your message as well as serving as an instantaneous introduction to your brand and its values. 

A roller banner is durable enough to take to regular exhibitions as it’s easy to set up quickly at the start of a hectic day, and just as simple to take down after the event.


Where would a roller banner work best?

Trade fairs

If you’re representing your business at a recruitment fair or showcasing a new product, it’s likely you’ll be competing for the attention of visitors. The layout of your roller banner needs to include just enough vital information to allow visitors to take in the content at a glance, and recall it at a later time. Your business name, website and a catchy slogan can be enough to turn heads amid all the other ‘noise’ going on.



If you’re attending a sales convention with industry rivals promoting their own products, use a well-thought-out personalised banner design to show what you’re there to promote, and draw in interested buyers. It works especially well as a leading advertisement to a seminar or Q&A session you’re holding elsewhere at the event, as you want to ensure a good turnout.


In-store displays

Retailers don’t even need to leave their shop to see the immediate benefit of roller banners. Whether standing in the window to entice customers inside, or placed next to a new product display area, a roller banner helps to direct your customers’ attention within the store, giving your product a head start.


Get the message

Wherever it’s placed, your roller banner needs to send the right message in terms of tone and design. Consider the following elements as you prepare your banner for printing:

Colour: Your choice of colour scheme should fit in naturally with the rest of your brand collateral, and stand out in its own right among the other banners, posters and flyers at the show.

Fonts:. A good font is simple to read and easy on the eyes, and how you say it is almost as important as what it says. Find out more about choosing the right font.

Tone of voice:  No complex jargon, no conversational tone – if you want to hook interested visitors, a plain-speaking banner should attract people, not put them off with big words or over-familiarity.

Design: Your brand logo should be prominent. The images used need to be engaging and crystal-clear quality. Your contact details should be included and a website address should be displayed too. Make sure the text reads well from a distance and doesn’t clash with the colours you’ve chosen.

Consider your niche: Think carefully about your target audience. Attending a comic or sci-fi convention with a commercialised banner may leave your audience out in the cold. Instead, splash an exciting frame of action from your new book or web series onto the banner, and create some real buzz around your booth.

Choosing the right ingredients for your roller banner design is vital if you want to make new connections at events, as well as ensure you’re easily identifiable to existing prospects. Your next customer could be just a few metres away, and it’s up to you how your banner looks to draw their interest to your stall.