The Best and Worst of Motivational Staff Room Posters

09/06/2015 12:49:43

The Best and Worst of Motivational Staff Room Posters

A great company can be more than the sum of its parts – but if your team lacks the motivation to help pull it all together, you could miss out.

The staff room is a place where employees can take their breaks in a comfortable setting, but it’s also the place that, with the right display content and placement, can provide a much-needed dose of inspiration on a daily basis.

But be careful – sending clichéd messaging can be detrimental to morale and demonstrate a lack of connection to your co-workers.

Here, we have some examples of the right – and the very wrong – motivational methods:

The Good

Think outside the box

While a clichéd turn of phrase like “think outside the box” may prove unpopular at staff meetings, adding a twist as per the poster above is certainly a refreshing change of pace.

The eye-catching yet simple design in a dynamic and informal font allows the reader the freedom to put their own spin on things, rather than following a corporate tone as you may expect to see adorning the walls at a more senior level.

Breaking free of constraints is one of the principles of motivational thinking, and this poster sums up perfectly a time to do just that.


Create your own poster that sums up the way you want employees to express themselves at work. Choose from a range of designs and incorporate your favourite phrases or quotes, whether from your favourite management text or just your favourite film.

The Bad

Sainsburys fifty pence challenge

When a supermarket staff poster was accidentally displayed in the shop window of one of its London branches, customers took to social media to share their bemusement. But more puzzling than the display error to customers was the focus on their ‘fifty pence challenge’.

Rather than seeing their customers as individuals with their own needs and budgets, here this supermarket is encouraging a bigger spend from every customer regardless. The observant window shopper who shared the picture was quoted as saying “As a customer, I don't want to feel like I'm being forced or tricked into spending extra by staff who have been challenged to make me do so.”

Tip: While your staff should appreciate the value of potentially upselling a customer, prioritising this over excellent customer service could negatively alter their behaviour on the shop floor. Focus on improving customer service, not customer spend.


The Out-of-Date

out of date

Businesses are an ever-changing force - what works in one financial year may not prove so strategically astute in the next. So in the face of these changing times, why an image recently rediscovered from the Second World War should prove influential now is anyone’s guess.

There are lessons to be learned from the Keep Calm And Carry On poster - in times of high stress, your employees should feel reassured. However, they should also feel that you’re appreciative of the job they do – telling a co-worker to simply grin and bear it is hardly in keeping with achieving either of your developmental goals.

Tip: Motivational posters should bring out the best in your employees - to do this you need to know what makes them tick. Custom posters can be created to better inspire your employees than any stock image possibly could, according to their own needs.