5 Quick Ways to Get More Business by Using Print

08/09/2015 11:16:49

5 Quick Ways to Get More Business by Using Print

Print is a great form of communication it can complement your online promotions and expose your business to a new audience. Here are our top 5 ways to get more business using print.

1. Leaflet distribution

Getting your name out there can be tricky so distributing some leaflets, whether this may be in your local area or through a leaflet distribution service, will enable you to cover a large area without massive expense. This will not only spread the word but as a leaflet is physical print they can be kept hold of or passed on to friends.

2. Networking events

Introducing yourself to those potential business partners and placing your business card straight in their hand will leave a lasting impression. Having an impressive business card such as a velvet laminated card will help you in your schmoozing.

3. In package mailers

It may sound simple but letting a customer know about new products you have launched in a great way to get some extra business. Rather than new customers you may be able to utilise the customer base you already have by alerting them to some different products through a in package flyers.

4. Loyalty promotions

Using loyalty cards and reward schemes is such a good way of building relationships and ensuring your customers come back to you time and time again. By using an uncoated business card you can create a loyalty card design suitable for collecting stamps and rewarding repeat custom.

5. Event displays

A roller banner is a cost effective way to showcase your products and services at events. They can also be used as reception or shop displays and as they are easy to set up you can take them wherever you wish.

What ideas have you had for using your prints to get more customers?