What's Your Story? Care to Share Brings People and Skills Together

What's Your Story? Care to Share Brings People and Skills Together

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09 Nov 2017

Nick Segrue founded Care to Share in 2016 after realising there must be a solution to a predicament he found himself in. His business was born from a personal experience which served as inspiration to build the growing business Care to Share is today. Nick tells us about the moment when he realised the world needed a platform for people to share skills, and why the fascinating story of the business has helped catapult it to success.

Where did the idea for Care to Share come from?

After many years not wearing a tie to work I changed job and had to wear one. Knowing I was awful at doing a tie knot and my dad had struggled with showing me I thought there must be many people around me who can teach me but I don't have access to. As a result, I decided to build CareToShare to bring people together to share their skills and tasks.

Could you tell us a bit about the business?

CareToShare brings people together on a website where they can list the skills and tasks that they are offering and those that they are interested in learning or having help with. Users then contact each other to arrange an exchange or to agree a fee for the teaching or help with a task before rating each other after completing the exchange.

How do you plan to promote the story of Care to Share?

Journalists are fascinated by the sustainable living aspect of our business as well as that people can save money so are keen to write about us. We also distribute printed flyers to prospective users and have an active social media campaign.

Why do you think Care to Share’s story will resonate with the public?

After years of austerity measures cutting people's disposable income and the rising cost of private tuition, people can save a lot of money using CareToShare and improve their skills and employability at the same time. Finally, they will also benefit from making new friends in the process.

Where do you see Care to Share going from here?

We are planning to grow the user base as large as possible in the UK before expanding to Europe and the USA.

Care to Share's story is all about hoping to change the way skills and knowledge are transferred. Do you have a business story to tell? Let us know your story here for the chance to be included in our Small Business Stories blog series!


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