The Best and Free AI Tools for Your Business

The Best and Free AI Tools for Your Business

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01 Dec 2023

Many businesses are leveraging AI tools, thanks to recent technological advancements more and more brands are able to utilise AI to elevate their marketing, communications and day-to-day tasks. With increased popularity and usage, a vast amount of new tools have become available to support businesses. To help save you time, we’ve compiled 7 of the best free AI tools online so you can get started!


1. Quillbot

Quillbot is a free paraphrasing tool, which helps you rephrase content from sentences to whole articles, checks for plagiarism and any grammatical errors. It can also assist with translating! This paraphrasing tool is perfect when you need to write a blog or a caption, but can’t find the words you’re looking for. Quillbot allows you to specify how much of the writing you’d like to change and provides a list of synonyms which you can select from. With an unlimited number of rephrases available each month, whether you’re looking to repurpose some social media content or find different ways to word an email, Quillbot is perfect for supporting you with your writing processes.


2. Grammarly

One of the most popular free writing AI tools is Grammarly, a writing assistant that helps you write, in a clear, easy to read way. It can easily be added to your workspace tools, from Microsoft Office to online apps including Google Docs and Discord, you’ll be able to ensure that your grammar, word usage and punctuation are always correct. 

Grammarly can support you with changing the tone of your content and will give you recommendations to make your content more concise. By using AI, Grammarly is able to provide you with suggestions to help you make informed decisions about any recommended changes, so you can remain in control of the amendments, based on your writing style. If Grammarly detects that a sentence could be written in a more clear way, or any other issues, such as spelling errors, it will underline the area, giving you the option to approve or decline as necessary. In a nutshell, Grammarly helps you ensure that everything that’s written for your business, online and offline, is free of errors, helping you remain professional at all times.


3. Notion

Many businesses who are looking to plan and organise their workloads for free with AI are turning to Notion. An extremely versatile task management tool, Notion allows you to plan your day-to-day, organise your upcoming workload and collate notes in one easy to use platform. With a range of templates available, you and your team can easily stay on track, whilst working on a range of projects using a singular online platform. Notion also includes an integrated AI assistant which can help you with tasks like re writing content, writing meeting summaries, extracting actions from meeting notes and translating content from other languages. 


4. Photoroom

Photoroom is an AI powered photo editing tool which helps you to quickly edit images, and the free version is perfect for removing backgrounds, creating outlines and adding shadows to images. By using photoroom, you’re able to remove the background of images to create a consistent theme throughout all of your online assets. You’re also able to add blur, retouch your images and even add text and stickers.


5. Bard

Bard is Google’s alternative to ChatGPT and is a powerful online based chatbot which can support your business with many queries from collating data to creating ideas for your website’s copy. Bard is powered by Google’s own algorithm, which means it is able to pull live data from the internet, unlike ChatGPT which uses a more limited database. Bard is perfect for businesses looking to conduct research or summarise webpages. It’s worth noting that should you obtain any facts or data from any AI chatbot, that you double check the validity to ensure that the data provided is correct. 


6. Fliki

With visual content being hugely popular online, especially across social media, more and more businesses are looking to create video content. Fliki is a handy video editing AI tool which simplifies video content creation. From creating videos with text, to adding a generated voiceover, this AI tool helps you produce high quality videos quickly and easily. Whether you’re looking to create a video to promote your new product or service, or just add a voiceover to content you created, Fliki makes it quick and easy to create videos.


7. getimg

When creating images for business use, it’s important to ensure that your images look professional, whether that be for printed marketing material, or online assets. Some businesses find creating images rather challenging, however, getimg is a powerful AI image creation tool which allows you to input a prompt to create an image in a matter of minutes. Using getimg can save your business time and effort, generating original images at scale and expanding pictures beyond their original borders, for you to use online and offline.


In Conclusion

By implementing various AI tools throughout your business, you can ensure that you’re able to streamline the time it takes to produce anything from an email or blog, to an edited video. This ultimately helps provide you with more time to focus on other areas of your business. Should your business find roaring success with these platforms, many have premium features which you can pay to access and in turn, utilise even more AI powered tools.


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