Star Signs in the Office: Which Astrological Signs Make the Best Team?

Star Signs in the Office: Which Astrological Signs Make the Best Team?

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20 Sep 2021

When it comes to creating the perfect team in the office, there are many factors to look at such as an individual’s skills, experience, or communication style. But what about their star sign? 

We polled 2,000 UK workers and found that when it comes to the workplace, almost a fifth of Brits (18%) believe that our star signs influence our compatibility with co-workers.

Aries (born between 20th March and 19th April) were found to be the biggest believers in horoscope compatibility (33%), whilst Libras (born between 23rd September and 22nd October) were the most sceptical, with just 8% believing in the compatibility of star signs in the workplace.

To learn more about the effects the Zodiac can have on our working lives, we analysed our survey findings and worked with Astrologer Bex Milford of Cosmic Cures to find which astrological sign combinations are the best, and which could leave to office disputes.


Which personality traits do we like to see in our colleagues?

work team collaborating at a table full of paper

When it comes to our co-workers, there are some personality traits that we naturally get along with better than others. 

Patience is seen as the most desirable personality trait in the workplace, as 46% of UK workers want a co-worker that has this quality. A further 45% of us value those with good communication skills, whilst other popular traits included people with problem-solving abilities (43%), good organisational skills (35%) and creativity (35%).

Although a third of us (32%) see the ability to lead as being a desirable quality, one in 10 men (11%) admitted they’d struggle to work alongside a natural leader.

Most desirable personality traits in the workplace, according to UK workers  %
Patience 46%
Good communication 45%
Good at problem-solving 43%
Organised 35%
Creativity 35%
Enthusiastic 35%
Considerate 34%
Responsible 33%
Natural leader 32%
Perseverance 29%


More than a third (38%) of British female employees surveyed were found to favour co-workers that were considerate. A further third (33%) voted ‘being caring’ as one of their most sought-after personality traits in a colleague, showing that those with empathetic traits are more likely to get on well with women in an office environment.

In comparison, almost ten per cent fewer men deem this to be high on their list of priorities (25%) within their co-workers. 

If good communication is a trait you want to encourage in your workplace, sharing company-wide messages with posters can help. Not only does this mean that all colleagues are on the same page, but clarifying key messages can also give a huge boost to your company culture.


Which personality traits do we dislike in our colleagues?

When it comes to characteristics we’d rather avoid, poor listening skills came out as the worst trait to have, with a third (34%) of British workers deeming it undesirable.

Woman holding hands up to stop man from talking at a desk

Those who like to be in control of situations may want to tread carefully too, as dominating personalities (32%), domineering or arrogant personalities (28%) and being inflexible (27%) are also seen as being the worst traits to work alongside. A quarter (26%) of UK employees also admitted that lack of follow-through is an off-putting quality in their co-workers or managers. 

Worst personality traits to work alongside, according to UK workers  %
Doesn't listen to others 34%
Dominate others 32%
Domineering 28%
Inflexible 27%
Lacks follow-through 26%
Stubborn 26%
Gets distracted 18%
Dislikes authority 18%
Obsessive 18%
Flighty 15%


Our findings also found that it’s advisable to watch your tone when speaking with your teammates, as 15% of UK women would prefer to avoid working alongside anyone with a blunt nature. 


So, which stars signs do we want to work alongside based on these traits?

We spoke to Astrologer Bex Milford, to discover which zodiac signs are the most compatible in an office environment. 

“Our ‘star sign’ is where the Sun was located in our chart at the moment we took our first breath. In astrology, the Sun shows our potential in life. The position shows what you will choose to work towards consciously in this lifetime.

“Since certain signs resonate with different traits, it’s natural that some will find themselves more compatible in a working environment with others. Of course, it depends what industry they’re working with – in a big corporation, Capricorn and Aries will be strident leaders, although may struggle with the more ‘go with the flow’, creative nature of Pisces or the fixed (and sometimes stubborn) mentality of Taurus. As with all of these things, having a supportive mix assigned to different roles is the key – Virgos will love to plan, Leos will love to present, and Sagittarius will stride ahead with boundless enthusiasm.

“Another interesting point is that people assume that our Sun sign signifies that which comes naturally to us when in fact our Sun indicates where we can focus our attention in order to let this part develop and ultimately feel fulfilled. So, getting to know the traits of your Sun sign can actually help you become a better leader, manager or employee”

watercolour constellations for the sun signs

Aries (21st March – 19th April)

Aries signs are natural leaders and self-starters. They act on instincts, can initiate action and are courageous in business, making them great in any emergencies. Because of their natural ability to lead, they suit managerial positions and can excel in these roles.

Unfortunately, this star sign also has a lot of qualities that Brits have deemed undesirable. They may start lots of things but lack follow-through and can try to dominate others and force their agenda. As a fire sign, they can also be too impulsive, dislike authority and tend to be stubborn. 

•    Work Best With – Libra
•    Likely To Clash With – Taurus


Taurus (20th April – 20th May)

Many of us would deem Tauruses as great colleagues, as they have many desirable traits such as patience, perseverance, and creativity. Tauruses are also great problem solvers, managers, and recruiters. 

However, the symbol of this sign is the bull and they do have some stubborn tendencies - they can be inflexible and don’t like to deviate from plans. Additionally, if they don’t resonate with the values of what they’re doing or don’t feel inspired then they can lose interest in tasks very quickly.

•    Work Best With – Capricorn
•    Likely To Clash With – Aquarius


Gemini (21st May – 20th June)

Geminis are great communicators who can reflect and accommodate a variety of viewpoints, which makes them a desirable team member or manager to have. They are a curious sign and will bring super ideas to the table. According to Bex, this sign is also fabulous at writing, presenting, and in any sales position.

On the other side of the spectrum, this sign could grate on co-workers as they don’t always listen to others and have the need to be right in situations. They can be flighty and can get distracted or want to apply themselves to too many tasks as they become interested in lots of areas.

•    Work Best With – Sagittarius
•    Likely To Clash With – Libra


Cancer (21st June – 22nd July)

A career where they can nurture others will come naturally to this sign as they instinctively tune in with what others need. Cancers will need a profession that they can care about, and their thoughtful nature can make them very considerate managers. However, this sign may prefer to work as part of a team rather than leading others.

As this sign values home and comfort, they can struggle to leave their comfort zone or take risks and they’re more likely to want to work remotely than be in the office. As a water sign, they are known for being sensitive to criticism or to how others are feeling too. 

•    Work Best With – Capricorn
•    Likely To Clash With – Scorpio


Leo (23rd July – 22nd August)

This sign is great at presenting and will thrive on being in the spotlight. Leos have a healthy sense of competition, and their enthusiasm can bring fun and warmth to any workplace.

On the negative side, this sign has the tendency to be a proud sign or be too competitive. They can sulk, retreat, start slacking off or be deterred when they feel they’re not listened to or appreciated. If a Leo is in a management position, they may need to work on their understanding and not be too domineering with their team to keep their co-workers happy. 

•    Work Best With – Pisces
•    Likely To Clash With – Aries


Virgo (23rd August – 22nd September)

Virgos are highly organised, good at planning and setting goals. They have an ability to prioritise which makes them suited to project management roles. This earth sign also has great dedication, and focus on their careers, which leads to a determined work ethic. 

However, this sign can be overly meticulous, fastidious and could be considered a perfectionist. They may get lost in the details of a task, and therefore not finish within set deadlines. This need for perfection can give them managerial potential but may also make them critical of others, and inflexible if others can’t do things their way.

•    Work Best With – Gemini
•    Likely To Clash With – Sagittarius


Libra (23rd September – 22nd October)

As an air sign, Libras are great at bringing harmony into workspaces. They are natural diplomats and are skilled when it comes to tactful communication. This sign will be great in situations where they can be a go-between, bring people together, or persuade others.

Decision making does not come easily to Libras though, and they may dither. They can care greatly about what others think, and therefore be afraid of changing the status quo or giving their opinion. Because of their diplomatic nature, they can suit being in charge but need to learn how to make decisions and not vacillate.

•    Work Best With – Taurus
•    Likely To Clash With – Gemini


Scorpio (23rd October – 21st November)

Scorpios understand psychology and are very connected to their intuition and instincts. People with this sign will have great skills in investigation and research. They can also be extremely strong-willed, making them powerful managers.

However, this sign can make a more difficult co-worker as they can be secretive. They may want to work alone as they can become overly intense or frustrated, sometimes with colleagues. They also may obsess overwork and spend too much time focusing on the little details.

•    Work Best With – Virgo
•    Likely To Clash With – Leo


Sagittarius (22nd November – 21st December)

People with this sign are known for their ability to inspire and enthuse others, making them great at giving advice or teaching people in their team. They’re a naturally optimistic sign that’s great at seeing the bigger picture.

However, this fire sign may clash with others as Sagittarius can be very blunt and offend their colleagues if they aren’t careful. As they enjoy learning, they may get bored easily if they don’t feel like they’re constantly moving, learning, or expanding. This need to be busy means they can take on too much work, which is something to be cautious of when in the office.

•    Work Best With – Aries
•    Likely To Clash With – Cancer


Capricorn (22nd December – 19th January)

This earth sign is ambitious, determined, and makes for a great CEO – you may not be surprised to find out that billionaire Jeffrey Bezos is a Capricorn! Capricorns have skills in organisation and structure, making them a desirable sign to work with. 

However, people with this sign can be workaholics. They can be overly authoritative and worry over minor details as they are very attached to their jobs and so they may clash with co-workers who dislike their management style.

•    Work Best With – Leo
•    Likely To Clash With – Pisces


Aquarius (20th January – 18th February)

Aquarius’ love connecting to people and advocating for others, they will find this important in a work environment and seek jobs that allow them to help others. They’ve got a knack for finding solutions to problems and are particularly inventive, making them suited for roles where they need to be innovative.

Like other air signs, this sign can get bored easily. They desire a change of scenery and profession regularly and value freedom in the workplace. Although they’d make great managers, they may find they prefer to work alone.

•    Work Best With – Scorpio
•    Likely To Clash With – Capricorn


Pisces (19th February – 20th March)

An understanding sign, Pisces are intuitive and empathetic in the workplace making them good counsellors and carers. This sign is also creative and artistic and will do well working with others or managing a team.

When it comes to weaknesses, these signs don’t have the best handle on routine or structure. According to astrologer Bex, they can obsess and worry about work and will need to implement boundaries and time for their own self-care. 

•    Work Best With – Cancer
•    Likely To Clash With – Virgo

What is the perfect team? 

co-workers collaborating on a project

Of course, each work environment will differ but when looking to create a well-balanced team, Bex recommends signs that cover different skills and traits. You can even pair together signs that are likely clash to ensure you can cover all talents within your team. 

She recommends combining a naturally authoritative leader, Capricorn, with an organised Scorpio. 

For your public speaking and communication needs, include a charismatic Leo, and curious Gemini. 

Add a Scorpio for their research-based skills, and Cancer for their caring nature to get a great team.

Another ideal team combination would be mixing a passionate natural leader, Aries, with the inspiring teacher Sagittarius. 

Bring in a Taurus and Aquarius for your problem-solving needs, and then complete the team with an intuitive Pisces and diplomatic Libra.



As a business, we know that each person will have their own unique characteristics and viewpoints to bring to a team, and that it’s important to have a well-balanced workplace. We would encourage any business to pay attention to their employee's traits and talents and build a multi-faceted team that allows members to play into their different strengths and skillsets.

Naturally, there is always going to be an eclectic mix of personalities thrown together in a workplace environment, and it really is a fine balance as a manager to ensure you’re hiring the right mix of traits to ensure you’re getting the best out of your team.  

And, whilst the concept of hiring based on signs of the zodiac is something many of us understandably may not have considered, or necessarily have a strong belief in, from looking at the findings, perhaps there’s more to it than meets the eye!


• for zodiac dates.
•    Survey of 2,000 UK adults completed in September 2021.
•    Star signs insight sourced exclusively from Bex Milford of Cosmic Cures 


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