5 Ways to Measure the Success of Your Print Marketing Campaigns

5 Ways to Measure the Success of Your Print Marketing Campaigns

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31 Jan 2024

Many businesses like to utilise a mixture of digital and traditional marketing material, but how do you measure success with print? Historically, the success of a traditional print campaign was judged by gauging the increase of new sales or customers. Thankfully, improvements in technology have made it even easier to track performance with higher levels of accuracy. In this blog, we’re going to dive into some great methods you can use to measure the success of your print marketing campaigns.

Monitor Unique Landing Pages

Although it may be impossible to monitor the number of people looking at your print, such as roller banners and books, there are alternative ways to track the effectiveness of your campaign. One of the most effective methods is using unique landing pages.  

By creating a landing page on your website built specifically for your campaign, you’ll be able to discover how many people are actively engaging with your printed marketing material. 

Our top tip for maximising the chances of your customers taking action and going to your landing page, is to make sure that the link is short and memorable. By keeping the word count low, they’re more likely to remember your link and go to the page. You could even simplify it further using a QR code! 

Track Coupon and Voucher Codes

From receiving goods at a discounted rate to benefitting from free deliveries, customers love an incentive! With this in mind, you can give your customers something to show you value them, whilst obtaining the relevant data. 

Providing your customers with a unique promotional code which relates to your campaign will allow you to track who decided to take advantage of your offer, and give you the chance to dig down into the details of where you were most successful. 

A great way you could try this yourself is by utilising separate voucher codes for flyers in your direct mail campaigns to those on your posters. For example, you could give 10% off to specific addresses in Southampton through the mail with one code, and the same discount from your poster campaigns in Newcastle using a different code. This will help you see which print marketing method attracted the most customer interest.

Make the Most of QR Codes

QR codes are a modern, effective way of making it easy to measure how successful your print advertising campaign is. By scanning a square barcode with their phones, customers are able to interact with your print, as it directs them to a specific landing page or app. 

The popularity of QR codes is increasing, and data presented by QRcode.co.uk suggests that over 86% of UK and European smartphone users have scanned a QR code at least once in their lives, showing that they’re becoming part of consumers' daily lives. 

One of the biggest benefits of QR codes is how versatile and compact they are, giving you the chance to slot them in across your print with ease and consistency. You could consider integrating your QR codes with your CTA (call to action). Doing this will provide your consumers with a seamless experience, giving them more reason to take action with ease. 

Use Analytical Data

By prompting your consumers to visit your website, you can use analytical software, such as Google Analytics to track the sources in which your customers came from, and how many are converting into active customers. 

The data you collect with analytical software can help you narrow down your audience to a level in which you understand their habits, demographics and engagement levels with your brand. This could prove perfect for your business in the long run as you’re able to understand your customers further and tailor your messaging towards them. 

Another great benefit found by taking the time to analyse your data, is the opportunities you have to improve your next marketing campaign. This can help you continue to improve your success, no matter whether you’re looking to improve conversion rates, increase brand awareness or simply acquire more customers.

Speak To Customers

One of the most traditional methods of measuring success, which can provide you with the detailed insight you’re looking for is through directly speaking to your customers. There are several ways you can do this, including verbally or in a survey, depending on your personality and audience.

You might want to ask them how they heard about your company or offer and what they thought of your latest print campaign. If you’re only finding a small number of people are mentioning your print, you can probe further to learn more about their consumption habits, which will help you elevate your marketing efforts in the future.

If you want to encourage a greater number of people to stop and talk about your campaign or increase survey respondents, you could entice them with a discount code or voucher. By offering an incentive, your customers are more likely to respond, as they feel they’re getting something from their time.

Bonus Tip - Include A Strong CTA

To improve the chances of success from your campaign, you could consider adding a strong CTA (call to action) which is carefully crafted to encourage your customers to take action on the back of your print.

Your CTA should tell the customer exactly what you want them to do on the back of seeing your marketing. Whether you tell your customers to “buy now” or “sign up today”, it’s beneficial to be clear as possible with words which create a sense of urgency.

In Conclusion

Measuring the success of your print campaign takes careful planning and execution. By utilising the tools and methods available to track your activity, you can be sure to achieve the goals set when creating your current, and future print marketing campaigns.


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