How Print Can Help You Build Brand Awareness in 2024

How Print Can Help You Build Brand Awareness in 2024

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11 Dec 2023

As we enter the New Year, many businesses are presented with a vast array of exciting challenges and opportunities!

We believe that print marketing is a super effective way to consistently boost your brand’s visibility throughout the year, which is why we’ve pulled together some of our top tips to help your business capture the attention of your customers.


What Are the Benefits of Print Marketing?

Printed marketing is a fantastic way to enhance brand awareness, as it’s a physical, engaging and tangible marketing tool, perfect for using in various situations. There are plenty of benefits which come from using print marketing, some of the most beneficial including -


Credibility and Trust

Printed marketing is often perceived as more trustworthy and credible due to the fact you’re providing a quality, well-edited and well-checked document which can be held onto. This can often feel more official than something seen or read online and adds a layer of trust and credibility to your communications with customers.


Targeted Marketing

Using print, you can tailor your campaigns to super specific audiences, such as direct mail campaigns that are set to be sent to particular areas or leaflet distribution on your local high street near your business. With this in mind, you can ensure that you’re able to get your message across to particular regions and or set demographics.


Stand Out From the Competition

Many businesses are maximising the success of online advertising and communications but look past the benefits of print marketing. To capture the attention of your customers ahead of your competitors, utilise print to stand out from the crowd! An effective piece of print marketing is much more likely to stick in your customer's minds than standard digital communications.

Print marketing allows your business to reach your target customers in various situations. From visual displays such as roller banners and exhibition stands to tangible assets including flyers and business cards you can use print marketing to attract your customers' attention and show how your business can support them.


How to Reach an Audience With Print

Although digital marketing has a lot of benefits, print marketing is a great way to market your business to your customers in a physically direct and engaging way. Online messaging is much easier to scroll past, however, print lands directly in your customer’s hands, giving you a greater opportunity to stand out. 


Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct Mail campaigns allow you to reach your customers through their letterboxes, using things such as flyers and booklets to provide useful information on everything from your latest offers to exciting announcements. DMA statistics show that 86% of customers connected with a business after receiving direct mail, showing just how effective the power of physical print is. 


Events and Exhibitions

Events and exhibitions are very common places to see a range of printed marketing material. From roller banners and exhibition stands to business cards and folded leaflets, you’re able to showcase your branded material to potential customers, with the opportunity to discuss your business further. By using high quality printed material, you’ll attract interest to your stall, further building brand awareness and recognition with something they can take home. 


Business Premises

Your business premises are also a fantastic opportunity to reach your audience. You’ll have plenty of space to display your printed marketing material, which you can refresh regularly to promote your latest offerings. 

Many high street shops and businesses use posters in their windows to showcase upcoming events or sales promotions, while bars and cafes use strut cards to display menus and opening times. No two businesses are the same, and neither are their print needs, which is why there are a whole host of options and customisations available when creating printed marketing assets. By utilising your customer knowledge and creativity, you can create assets which make an impact on every person who comes across your print. 


How to Make Your Branding Stand Out

The first thing which is worth considering in the new year is whether your visuals and branding are up to date. It would be a great idea to decide whether you need to refresh your branding, with slight tweaks to your design, or conduct a full rebrand, perhaps with a new logo, brand colours and fonts. If you’re trying to decide which would be best for your brand, it might be best to first look at your logo in comparison to your competitors and similar businesses, and truthfully consider whether it looks modern or dated. 

The digital age has led to fast innovation, and your logo needs to stand out in various formats both online and offline. Many business experts such as TweakYourBiz recommend that you review your logo every 5 years to ensure that you stay relevant within new trends and styles. If you decide you’re going to undertake a brand refresh, it could be worth considering taking the time to take the time to future proof your content.


Utilise High Quality Images

To help your printed marketing material really stand out, you’ll want to check that all the images you use are high quality and you may even want to update your image library with new and or more professional photos. Consider whether you’re going to do this yourself with your camera or mobile phone, utilise stock photos or hire a professional photographer to support you.


Think About Your Colour Selection

It’s always worth considering your colour selection, to ensure that it matches your brand. Whether you’re looking to create a classic theme, or something more bright and vibrant, do some research into the colours you use and if they reflect your brand’s vision and personality.


Embrace Whitespace

The power of whitespace cannot be underestimated, as it’s a great way to ensure that your print is laid out in a consistent and easy-to-digest manner. By ensuring that there is enough space, you’ll be able to provide useful information to your customers in a way which is easier to consume.


Looking to the Future

The rise of AI and other technologies has led to various innovations in printed marketing, including interactive elements such as QR codes and elements of AI. By adding interactive workings to your design, your customers can scan your content, to open up webpages or interactive apps which will provide them with more information about your brand, service or product.


Sustainable Printing

You can showcase your brand’s commitment to the planet by utilising recycled stock. Utilising 100% recycled stocks can provide you with the same high quality printed material, with less of an impact on the planet. This is a great way to position your brand against competitors whilst doing your bit for the environment.


Top Print Products to Help You Find Success in 2024

There’s a wide range of opportunities which may arise throughout 2024, from inside your business premises, to events and exhibitions. To help you find success in 2024, we’ve selected our top 3 products which our customers have found the most success with, that you can consider refreshing in 2024.


Roller Banners

With more events being created for a wide range of industries and locations, roller banners are looking to remain increasingly popular for businesses to showcase their branding on the go. Roller banners are one of the most impactful printed materials which your business can use to capture attention in a variety of situations. Their vast presence easily catches the eye of everyone who passes by, with their tall standing presence.

To maximise the potential from the space on your roller banners, why not think about including - 

  • Your USPs - So people understand what makes your business different from your competitors and how your business can support them.
  • High quality imagery - Helping your business have a more professional appearance, perfect to make a great first impression.
  • Contact information - So customers can easily contact you should they wish to learn more in the future.
  • Clear and concise information - It’s worth considering if you’re overloading the information. Your customers will only spend a short amount of time looking at your roller banner, so make sure that you get your point across quickly.



Flyers have been hugely popular across many businesses for a number of years, due to being cost effective and easy to distribute. Flyers are one of the most versatile pieces of printed material which provide you with a great opportunity to promote your business’s products and services. However, to make the most from your flyers, it’s important to make sure that you quickly engage your customers.

When designing your flyers you could consider -

  • Make sure your logo and contact information are prominent - making it easy for people to understand where the flyer comes from and enquire as necessary. 
  • Checking the amount of spacing around each element - you don’t want elements overlapping or distorted. 
  • Provide a short overview (no more than 2 or 3 sentences) about your business - if people weren’t previously aware of your business, this is a great opportunity to introduce yourself.
  • Check that your brand colours and fonts remain consistent - having consistency in your branding will help your customers recognise you across several formats, both online and offline.


Business Cards

There are already a host of networking events being planned for 2024, with more of us looking to engage in human interaction to balance out hybrid and remote working. Your business cards are built into your introduction to new customers, so by having high quality business cards, you’re going to be able to ensure that you remain memorable from a great first impression. 

When you’re in the process of redesigning your business cards, why not consider looking at -

  • Including your social media handles - many modern customers are regular consumers of social media, so by making it easy for them to engage with you online, you’re able to build your brand awareness around the clock.
  • Positioning your logo - it’s best practice to ensure that your logo is aligned right in the centre of your business cards, to make maximum impact. This will help your brand appear more premium and show that you take care of the intricate details of your business.
  • Keeping things decluttered - less is more when it comes to business cards. It’s recommended that you don’t fall into the trap of trying to include too much information, so by keeping your business cards minimal, you’ll be able to ensure that you’re providing the relevant information - your contact details and branding.


In Conclusion

With 366 days of opportunities available in 2024, you’ve got plenty of chances to boost the visibility of your brand and achieve the goals you set for the year. By taking the time to regularly update your printed marketing material, you can stay ahead of trends, leading you to be able to promote your business offline, in a way which stands out. 


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