Free Download: Your Content Calendar for the Next Business Year

Free Download: Your Content Calendar for the Next Business Year

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12 Jun 2018

Your Content Ideas Calendar For The Next Business Year


It’s not just the new financial year, it’s time to revamp your dedication to putting out quality content, too!

High-quality content is THE way to generate more leads and sales. This is because sharing knowledge shows your customers that you’re an authority in your business – and that you value your customers, preferring to engage with them instead of just selling to them.

Planning content can be tricky, as you might have lots to talk about – or nothing. That’s why a content calendar can help you to stay on track with your content marketing for the next year.

Here are a few tips to help you plan a year of content in one sitting:


  1.        List Your Business Goals


Have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your business in the next twelve months. Consider how you’ll achieve them, and which elements you want to communicate to customers.

For example, if you want to boost footfall into your craft shop, why not plan some special workshops or demonstrations, and plan content to both promote and report on them? This creates twice as much content, as you can shout about an event before it happens, and then write up blogs and articles to share your experiences.


  1.        Take Note Of Important Holidays


Be sure to keep in mind seasonal holidays for all of your customers. If you sell internationally, remember to include national holidays and celebrations overseas too!

If you’re going to include Christmas in your marketing plans, as most companies do in order to keep up with the competition, consider celebrating other religious holidays in your calendar where appropriate, too.


  1.        Set Aside Time Each Month To Review And Plan


You can easily set down a full year of content plans in one go, but it’s always a good idea to set time aside every month to continuously review your content.

This will help you stay on track, remain flexible as things change with your business, and also lets you add in unforeseen but relevant content, such as celebrating a new business partnership or hitting a milestone.

You should also remember to set aside a regular time each week to create and post your content. Don’t let ‘diary creep’ happen when it comes to content: treat this time as entirely unmoveable so you’ll never cancel on it! Content will drive your long-term lead generation strategy, so don’t neglect it – make it an essential part of your week.


Free Content Calendar Ideas Download


We’ve come up with a content calendar for the next six months to help you prepare for the big seasonal marketing elements for your 2018/2019 plan. The best bit? It’s entirely free!



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