Benefits of Using Video Marketing in Your Strategy

Benefits of Using Video Marketing in Your Strategy

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09 Oct 2023

Just like blogs, podcasts and graphics, video marketing is essential to content marketing. Not only does it help your business generate revenue, but it can educate your audience or attract potential leads who have stumbled across your marketing channels.

In this blog, we’ll go over 7 key benefits of using video marketing in your strategy, and how you can implement them with your business to boost your business's visibility online!


1. Engage your audience

The great thing about video content is how engaging it is. According to Insivia, viewers remember 95% of a video’s message compared to just 10% when reading text. This goes to show that video content is ideal for you if you want to grab your audience’s attention. It is also an essential part of your strategy if you’re the kind of brand that wants to keep your audience highly engaged.


2. Boost Brand Awareness

With the popularity of platforms such as Facebook, TikTok or YouTube rising, content can be discovered all over. Video content often leads to success, with plenty of smaller businesses raking in thousands of followers from just one engaging and well-timed video. Some of these accounts have used social media as their sole method of marketing, which shows the true value in video content.

So, if you want your business to become the next viral sensation, video content could be the answer.


@sweetmouthfulmixes tiktok

@sweetmouthfulmixes is an online-based sweet brand with 193k followers.


3. Improve SEO and Website Traffic

Just like text and image content, video ranks in search results pages (SERPs). This means the content is considered valuable to Google and your webpages may appear higher if they contain videos.

There’s also evidence that video content can increase organic click-through rates by 157% due to its appealing nature. In turn, this will lead to more clicks on your site, which could result in a new customer.

Another method to increase website traffic is by adding a Call to Action to your videos. Showing off products and mentioning that they are available to buy is a great technique for tempting users to purchase your product or use your services.


4. Become Trustworthy

Video content is a great way to build trust and credibility in your business. Some ways you can increase this are:

  • Putting a face to your business: Customers love to know who they are buying from. Adding a face to your brand shows that you are human too and can lead to a better connection with your audience, including team members and customers in your content.
  • Show your knowledge: Video content is a great way to show you know what you're talking about. Creating a video discussing facts and figures can make you look like the expert place to order from.
  • Shoutouts: Finally, including video testimonials from customers is a great source of social proof. If you have evidence that your customers are happy, you’re more likely to be seen as credible in your industry and stand out from competitors.


5. Capture Data and Analytics

One perk of video content is the easily accessible data you can gain from it. Channels like YouTube Studio give you analytics such as:

  • Engagement: How many people interact with your video.
  • Gender: What sex your audience is.
  • Geographic: Where are most of your audience watching from.
  • Age: Most common age bracket of your audience.
  • Others: Subtitles used; subscribers gained etc.


This data can help you determine your target audience. This data is super valuable as you can use it to understand and tweak things such as your brand guidelines, TOV, colours or content to target your niche. It can also be an indication of where your brand is slacking, here you can determine whether you need to be more engaging, more personable or more professional!


A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generated

YouTube Studio is an accurate way to find out more about your audience.


6. Mobile-Friendly and Shareable

According to StatCounter, 60% of global web traffic comes from mobile devices. Most users who could potentially see your content are using smartphones or tablets. Mobile traffic also accounts for over 80% of all video traffic.

One of the reasons for this is due to accessibility and sharing. Apps such as TikTok allow customers to easily consume content, and sharing is easy too. If customers are impressed by your video content, they can send it to friends or even colleagues. When creating your video content it’s always worth optimising for your chosen devices and platforms.


7. Rise In Popularity

Video content sites have become super popular in recent years. In 2021, TikTok overtook Google as the most used search engine on the internet. According to the New York Times, tech reporter Shira Ovide wrote “TikTok might be rewiring entertainment, giving the next generation of activists new ways to tell stories and challenging the global internet order.”

So, if you have yet to try out this type of content, you are potentially getting missed but a huge potential audience. Utilise a range of platforms and see what works for your business and of course your audience.



Adding video content to your marketing strategy will not only increase recognition of your brand but can also lead to sales and potentially new customers. So, if you want to take your business to the next level, consider filming content that your customers are likely to engage with and share.

If you would like to discover even more ways in which you can increase sales for your business, check out how you can use print marketing for your business.



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