10 Christmas Themed Activities for Your Workplace in 2021

10 Christmas Themed Activities for Your Workplace in 2021

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22 Dec 2021

With Christmas right around the corner, it's time to start planning some Christmas themed activities for your workplace to get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

2021 sees the UK with fewer Covid restrictions than 2020, meaning it only feels right to go all-out and enjoy Christmas as much as possible this year.

Here are some of our top 10 Christmas themed activities for your workplace:


1. Christmas Card Exchange

Christmas cards are a nice thing to send out receive during the Christmas period, and can even be used as decoration in the home or office. Gather together a group of co-workers that would be willing to take part, and send a Christmas card to each person involved!

2. Secret Santa

Purchasing Christmas gifts for everyone individually can be expensive and time-consuming, so organising a secret Santa with your colleagues is a great way to ensure everyone gets something nice without having to push the boat out! Secret Santa is also a great way for colleagues to get to know each other, especially if it includes members of staff across different departments.

3. Christmas Party

Whether you're a virtual team or an in-house group of co-workers, nothing beats a good Christmas party! From small virtual parties to big business-wide events, having a memorable time with work colleagues is an important part of team building as well as a great way to improve the Christmas spirit.

4. Decorating!

This is a fun one for those who love to get creative and deck the halls (or office) with Christmas cheer. Get a group together, purchase some festive decorations and get to work making your workplace look Christmassy! You could even host a competition, with the best-decorated section of your workplace winning a prize.

5. Christmas Jumper Day

This is a fun one for those who love being festive but don't want to go all-out with Christmas at your workplace. Get together amongst yourselves and decide whether you'll wear a Christmas jumper every day throughout the month leading up to Christmas, or whether you're going to wear it on one specific day.

6. Throw A Christmas Quiz

To encourage team building and friendly competition, why not throw a Christmas quiz for your colleagues? This can be done in-house or virtually, with the best team winning a prize.

7. Switch Up the Radio for a Christmas Playlist

Perfect for those working in either the office or at home, creating a collaborative Christmas playlist is a great way for you to bond with your colleagues over your favourite Christmas songs, all while enjoying the music played while you work. If you’re not quite in the Christmas spirit, this is bound to help!

8. Go for a Christmas Dinner

Whether it's at a restaurant or in the office, getting together for a Christmas dinner is always a good idea. Not only does it feel festive, but it's a great way for co-workers to get to know each other better and enjoy a delicious meal!

9. Collect for Charity

Around Christmas time, there's always plenty of charities in need of donations in the form of Christmas presents and children's toys. Your workplace could come together and help out some local charities and in turn, your local community.

10. Host an awards party!

Despite not being Christmas themed, hosting an awards party for everyone in your workplace can be a fun end-of-year event that's always hilarious and memorable. Create awards such as 'most likely to become a millionaire' or 'kindest person in the office'.


Organising and taking part in Christmas themed activities not only gets everyone into the festive spirit but also highly benefits the workplace. Colleagues are brought together in ways they wouldn't through work, helping to build stronger and more solid bonds that positively affect both work productivity and workplace happiness.

From first-hand experience, company culture is a vital component in the running of a successful business, and the only way for this to develop and grow is through bonding and communication between team members and colleagues.

Team building exercises are also necessary to keep employees engaged, motivated and happy within the workplace environment, and by organising fun activities that everyone is able to take part in, memories can be created that will last a lifetime.

Both small and large businesses alike should look into the benefits of organising team building activities, both at Christmas time and throughout the year, as they are sure to have a positive impact on workplace productivity and morale.

Pip Martin

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Founder of The Tasting Quarter, Pip is a wine and events expert that previously managed Harrods' wine and spirits department, as well as working as Corporate Events Manager for Richard Branson's Virgi